Widow's Peak At Duffy's Tavern, Toronto - SET REVIEW

Friday, September 13th brought another night full of chaotic riffs and headbanging to Toronto.Terrorize (Death) along with Detherous (Death Thrash) and Widow's Peak (Tech Death) took to the stage at the one and only, Duffy's Tavern as part of the Crusty Cross Canada Cruise tour, proving to be one heavy night from beginning to end.

The primary reason for attending this show was to see a live set from headliner, Widow's Peak, but all of the bands ended up putting on solid sets that also deserved mention. One band known as Bloodless Child (Death Thrash) were also supposed to attend that night but were unfortunately unable to make it. Despite that, each attending band delivered a high energy performance that pulled people in close to the stage.

Terrorize opened the night off strong, captivating the audience with powerful high screams and some of the most unique and entertaining low screams I’ve ever heard. Seriously, I couldn't help but smile every time I heard it. The band was very tight, delivering fast paced beats and grooves with ease. The bands brutal sound is only further enhanced by their use of sudden stops and intense breaks within the songs.

Up second was Detherous who kept the chaos going with their fast, exciting rhythmic sections and spontaneous tempo changes.The vocalist of this band was very impressive, playing complex and aggressive guitar riffs while screaming. The band had great stage presence which sheds light on their personalities. One of their last songs of the night, (unfortunately I missed the title) featured a section where the tempo slowly increased from a slow groove to a fast, dynamic rhythm which left me blown away.

Ending the night of brutal live music was Widow's Peak, who left the crowd simultaneously headbanging while tying to catch our breath from laughter and goofy grins. While the other bands were excellent, these guys we're the reason Screams Media came out. Widow's Peak is a five piece metal machine based out of Calgary, Alberta. Since their forming in 2016, Widow's Peak have been building a strong name across Canada and beyond. Having released their debut EP Graceless last April, the band has seen a very positive response and have embarked on their first cross country tour, The Crusty Cross Country Tour this year.

Despite already being seven weeks into the tour when this show happened, these boys displayed such a high level of energy that you'd assume it was the first night of the tour! The bands use of humor, movement and on stage wit, coupled with their absolutely crushing sound was entertaining to say the least. Hilarious song descriptions, animated facial expressions and filthy grooves and breakdowns left the audience captivated and entranced. The bands technical skills are incredible, executing massive force with every vocal line and note.

One of the funniest and most memorable moments of the night was when Vocalist Matt Yeoman and guitarist Scott Cressman began slowly grinding during a calm, ethereal break In the song. However, this was quickly interrupted by Matt, who let out a burst of concerning screams, growls and yelps during the sensual dancing.

All In all, this was one hell of a night! Each band brought their own unique style and personality to the stage, creating an energetic and diverse atmosphere of melody and brutality.You can catch Widow's Peak and Detherous on the Crusty Cross Canada Cruise on the select dates below! Be sure to check out the bands social media to keep updated on further tour dates and releases! More photos here + raw sound video below

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Photos & raw video by: Kara Bradimore

Written by: Kurtis Bradimore