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WARKINGS Release Music Video and Album Due Out 11/16/2018

Photo Credit: Manuel "Janus" Maier Janus Photography

"Warriors!!! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty...

for today you dine in SPARTA!!!"

~ The Spartan ~

WARKINGS Warriors! The week of truth arrived! The time has come to unveil Odin's full word.

Today, it is not only WARKINGS Wednesday, it's WARKINGS Week! Starting last Friday with unveiling the third single "The Last Battle", today The Spartan raises his voice to spread the stories of the most heroic battles of his time, before the whole story will be Reborn this Friday November 16th.

300 Spartans against the Empire - this heroic fight can't be forgotten and so Odin sent The Spartan as one of the four Kings Of War back to planet earth. This brave king was one of the few who stood side by side to hold the place of doom when the superiority of the Empire tried to fight them back, armed by not much more than their iron will.

Spartans are men of few words. They prefer to go straight to action. So The Spartan summoned two attendants: From the seventh circle of hell, the Queen Of The Damned arises to lend her voice to the WARKINGS! Hear (and watch) her in the video below. For the album Reborn that appears next Friday, Odin sent another of his disciples for the song. Stay tuned!

Queen Of The Damned:  "I've come a long way to meet the kings again. Now listen to the sound of our voices dancing with the screams of our weapons."

"Better to fight and fall than to live without Metal!!!" ~ Odin Himself ~

The glorious WARKINGS just unleashed "The Last Battle"!

The Spartan, The Viking, The Tribune and The Crusader are all originated in different eras. But when they met and told their stories to each other, there was one thing that all have in common: They all died in "The Last Battle". This heroic experience welds them together and so "The Last Battle" became the hymn of the WARKINGS!


WARKINGS Live: On Odin's order, the WARKINGS will leave their sanctuary behind to return to the European battlefields! It will be an historical moment, when the four ancient warriors set their foot on the ground in Vienna after an absence for many centuries or even millenniums on December 8th! In the beginning of 2019, especially the Viking will return to the lands of his forefathers and his own past. Accompanied by Amaranthe, the WARKINGS will return to the lands of ice and snow and wander through Scandinavia and parts of Germania and Belgica, today called the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. WARKINGS w/ Dragony, Illuminata, Titan Killer 08.12.18 AU - Vienna / Szene

Listen to the newest outburst of Valhalla on your streaming service:




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For those of you, that cannot await the full transmission of Odins ambassadors and want to receive his words at first, secure your copy of Reborn right HERE.





Warkings Warriors

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