Wacken Metal Battle Canada - Toronto Win Goes To Chainfall

Metalheads of all ages packed into Coalition On Friday January 25th 2019, for the Toronto Wacken Metal Battle Canada Round. The battle lineup consisted of Psychotic Pulse, Chainfall and Experiment Specimen with guest headliner, Profaner wrapping up the night.

When I first arrived, people were already inside and waiting around the bar area. Some were playing arcade games or pool with a healthy crowd of enthusiastic spectators making the atmosphere really relaxed. It wasn't long before the room started to fill up with eager supporters ready to kick things off.

I had high expectations for this show, my mission was primarily to shoot Chainfall, whom I’ve seen a few times, and to write a review, but all the bands impressed me and I definitely didn't leave disappointed.

Psychotic Pulse started the night out right and set the mood for the epic brutality to come. Honestly, I was not familiar with Psychotic Pulse before this show, but I was happy I had the opportunity to see them because I found a band that has a bright future judging by the talent they showed. They know death metal, they know what sounds good and they how to put on a great show.

Psychotic Pulse had people banging their heads and started a decent mosh pit early on that allowed people to let loose and lasted the remainder of the evening. The entire performance was a blast from start to finish, putting on a rock solid set and I hope to see them again in the future.

Chainfall played next and put on an incredible set. Having seen this band play a few times now, I can honestly say that their performance that night was the best I had ever seen them play. Throughout their performance they urged the rowdy fans to participate and they happily obliged by opening up the evenings largest, most intense pit.

Energetic, enthusiastic and very present in the moment, the crowd loved the solos and comedic social interaction from this band. Chainfall clearly received bonus points when free merch was tossed out as they brought their set to a close, but people wanted more. Chants of “one more song!” and “encore!” broke out around, while others clapped in unison to try to get the band to play longer. As much as Chainfall probably wanted to, their time was up and the stage needed a turnover for the next band.

Experiment Specimen took to the stage around 11PM and from their first song in, they produced some monstrous sounds! Their riffs and rhythms were hard, and from the first note, they had the crowd hooked. I looked around to see a bunch of jaws dropped to the floor as everyone admired the sound and overall talent.

Female fronted metal bands can be a hit or a miss in terms of harsh vocals and Experiment Specimen absolutely slayed in that aspect. Heavy, hard, dynamic and interesting, this band lit my eardrums on fire and left me wanting more.

Profaner guest headlined the night, bringing the battle to a close and provided a bunch of heavy songs, that kept the people in the pit happy with catchy riffs and breakdowns. Profaner were well rehearsed in performing; between choreographed dance bits on stage and running around interacting with each other effortlessly, they put on an entertaining performance.

Their set was intense, full of aggressive high energy, as is expected from a thrash metal band, but they were impressive and I enjoyed every minute of it. Profaner finished the night on a high note and left the crowd satisfied and eager to hear the battle winners.

The judges for the evening were Craig Rose, Tal Vaisman and Aaron Price; I didn't envy their job at all. It was a fantastic night and it was clear that all of the bands had given their heart on stage. It's seriously so amazing to witness so many talented acts coming out of Ontario; It couldn't have been easy to choose a winning band.

Antici... ...pation was at an all time high as everyone gathered around for the winners announcement and Chainfall took the bragging rights home this round. The venue erupted in cheers, hugs, jumping around and chanting the bands name.

Chainfall will be moving on to the Southern Ontario Final on March 2nd at Rivoli. Keep up with all the battle coverage here!

Written & Photographed by: Kara Bradimore || All Videos & images from this night. ** All content is free to use with proper credit. For images without watermarking, please email screamsmedia@gmail.com **

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