VISIONS OF ATLANTIS New Album Due Out 02.22.2019

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS take you to a world of myths, tales and the long forgotten seas: With a unique mixture of symphonic metal and power metal, paired with a fantastic female/male vocal duo, the Austrian quintet has been enchanting the metal world since 2000.

On February 22nd 2019 the band will release its very first live album: The Deep & The Dark Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights proves that Visions Of Atlantis are at the top of their genre when it comes to atmosphere and live skills. With focus on songs of the latest studio album THE DEEP & THE DARK (2018), this live opus pushes the mystical adventure of VISIONS OF ATLANTIS to another level - powerful and perfectly executed.


1. Intro

2. The Deep & The Dark

3. New Dawn

4. Book Of Nature

5. Ritual Night

6. Lost

7. The Silent Mutiny

8. The Last Home

9. Words of War

10. The Grand Illusion

11. Passing Dead End

12. Return To Lemuria

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