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Varials ".50" Single - Review & Listen

Let me preface this by admitting that I was not the hugest fan of Varials most recent album, it felt like a bit of a departure from previous releases and honestly might be one to revisit after checking this recent single out.

.50 by Varials really feels like they took the sound from their latest offering, 2019’s In Darkness and some of the older material. It feels new but also very much like a return to form for the band.

The string section has this thick and grinding quality to it and from the get-go this track is visceral and in your face. The transition from the fast riffing in the intro to the almost slam riff commonly associated with heavier hardcore is absolutely crushing. Vocally it’s absolutely unrelenting and throat tearing. The breakdown is choppy as fuck and heavy as hell.

The whole song almost has a mechanical feel which is awesome. Overall, 4.5/5.

Varials’ new album Scars For You to Remember drops October 14th 2022. You can view the video for .50 below!

💻-Ryan English

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