Throne To The Wolves Drop New Music Video for UNBREAKABLE - WATCH & LISTEN

Throne To The Wolves recently teamed up with The Trenches Media to drop a new music video for their new single, "UNBREAKABLE" featuring Adam Linka of The Northern.

Toronto's Throne To The Wolves are a high-energy, independent band who have participated in numerous North American Tours and shared the stage with some high profile bands including All that Remains, Norma Jean, Upon A Burning Body, I See Stars and MORE! Spending 2019 in the studio and on set, the band is happy to begin releasing new content from their upcoming album due out summer 2020 and share their message.

On "Unbreakable", vocalist Billy stated "A lot of people use the term unbreakable as a positive thing. We wanted to get away from that perception and use it in a different way. The song is based on someone being unable to feel human emotions. They are almost robot-like and are impenetrable from feeling things like happiness, sadness, love etc.

All of the persons relationships with the people in their life end up failing due to them being "unbreakable" and not being able to open up to anyone."

You can find unbreakable on all platforms here, and watch the accompanying music video below.

"The video goes in a bit of a different direction and focuses on the relationship between two androids." Billy said, "They end up being experimented on and separated when a scientist tries to upload their consciousness into a matrix like world. One was able to be brought back while the other gets stuck into a void somewhere between the real world and the matrix utopia"

Cody stated "This music video required a ton of prep, several hours of clearing a space in a car shop. The crew we worked with was amazing and in the end we used the shops hoists and various other props within the shop in the video. Moving those hoists around was insane and by far the most difficult part in the preparation process"

James replied "The hardest part of shooting was dealing with the heat, for example when the makeup started running on the ladies but other than that everything went awesome the actresses and director (Alex) were super easy to work and get along with. Everyone helping out that day made things go as smooth as they did"

"I actually had broken ribs during the filming which you couldn't tell." Joked rob.

We definitely couldn't tell and can't wait for what is next! Throne To The Wolves have plans to drop another music video before their album release this summer and have upcoming select tour dates with The Northern and Arrowheads which you can find below.

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Written by Kara Bradimore

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