TheAngelcy Release New Album

Label: self-released Genre: indie folk Hometown: Tel Aviv, Israel

“I always was kind of self-conscious to play my songs to native English speakers, because I don’t have that sensibility, you know. It’s a language, an organism. I’m sure I’m very crude,” says Rotem Bar Or. He says it humbly, and with a smile, and in virtually perfect English.

The lead singer and songwriter of the Tel Aviv based-band theAngelcy, Rotem and his bandmates (Maya Lee Roman, Maayan Zimry, Uri Marom, and Udi Naor) have spent the better part of six years traveling and playing shows throughout Europe and in their native Israel. And it’s been challenging; due to a lack of music establishments and conventional “rules” in the Tel Aviv music scene, the band has adopted an entrepreneurial spirit - a DIY ethic that has led them to pioneer a scene wherein creativity and individuality reign above all else. The side effect? Lots of time on the road.

And it was on the road that their upcoming album, Nodyssey, was birthed. Written almost entirely in a van, the band spent weeks together, working day in and day out, perfecting and perfecting until every single member of the band was happy with all aspects – every plucky violin figure, humming acoustic chord, and relatable lyric.

“It’s really rare this day and age to have this kind of group experience,” says Rotem. “It’s a very individual age – lots of people make music on the computer. To have that feeling that you really co-created something – I was really touched. For me that’s a big part of this album.” Listen to the album on Soundcloud or the focus track, Holyland below.

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