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The Trews With Hermitage Green In Toronto - Concert Review

Written and content by: Kara Bradimore

The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto had fans of all ages packing in the venue on February 23rd, 2019 for Hermitage Green and headliners, The Trews. Having applied for media a few months prior, I was very happy to see that I had been accepted to shoot through Live Nation and was looking forward to the evening ahead.

Hermitage Green

Travelling all the way from Limerick, Ireland (I really tried to come up with a limerick here to be clever, but it just wasn't working out,) Hermitage Green started the night off perfectly with their creative performance.

Blending together acoustic, rock and indie sounds, Hermitage Green had a wide variety of instruments set up on stage that captivated my attention. I especially loved the use of the didgeridoo and diversity in the percussion instruments. The vocals were clean, smooth and now after listening to their professional recorded audio in compression, I am impressed by how similar they sound.

Hermitage Green put on a fascinating and charming set that gained them many new fans that night, myself included. Come back to Toronto again soon!

Check out the short video clips below for clips of their raw sound performance and scroll to the end of this article to view all of the images.

The Trews

If you're from Canada, or have been through Ontario then you probably already know of The Trews. The reference to this band is hard to miss in daily life because of a stretch of highway based off their hit "Highway Of Heroes," in remembrance of Canada's fallen soldiers. The song is often played on the radio and used in various campaigns and commercials; they're trendy, their music is catchy and I couldn't wait to see them perform live! I also have to give a side note bonus shout out here to the venue security that night who were fantastic and allowed media to stay and capture the entire set. That was such a rare treat, thank you!

The moment The Trews took to the stage, the audience went wild. Die hard fans in the front row were pressed right up against the barricades and screaming out all of the lyrics along with the band. You could see the mix of generations when The Trews played because some people were zoned in on the show going on and others were glued to their phones up in the air. It was kind of amusing.

Putting on a rock solid setlist, with incredible lighting and overall sound, The Trews gave fans spirit, fire and took over every inch of the stage at some point. The energy in the venue grew greater with each song played and by the end of the night, it was nearly impossible to move around without bumping into someone else. The Trews brought in a full house and brought it right down with their fantastic set providing a great night out for Toronto residents.

If you have the chance to see them live in your city, I definitely suggest it and you can check out this link here for upcoming shows.

Check out the short video clips below for clips of their raw sound performance and scroll down to view all of the images. For some reason the video didn't render from 00:38 to 00:57 . I can't seem to fix the image, but the sound still sticks. :)

** View all photos of the concert HERE. Bands/Media/Fans please feel free to use and share any content with proper credit back to Screams Media. For images without watermarking please email for purchasing info.

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