The Stone MG's Release New Track.

Rodney James: Vocals SJ Warman: Guitars, Bass

Austin-based rock n' roll/garage rock band The Stone MG's entitled "I Need You." This song tackles the topic of addiction.

"I Need You" is about addiction. The song takes us on the journey of addiction as it takes over, corrupting and distorting reality for the user. When Rodney James sings "Shelter undercover, desire never satisfied," the background vocals personify the persuasiveness of the addiction: "If you scream you love me, I'll be your whore and give you the only thing worth dying for."

Howard was born in Birmingham, England in 1991 into a young working class family. Both parents had a love for music, his mother played the flute and sung in a choir and his father played the guitar and the piano.  When it came time to look into secondary schools the decision was made to move to Atherstone, where he would attend Queen Elizabeth School. It was at this time he fell in love with the band Muse and was determined to pick up the guitar for the first time at age 14, his first recording would eventually turn out to be a shaky performance of Plug In Baby on an old tape recorder with his father providing accompaniment...  

Atherstone at that time had an incredible (and surprising) music scene for a small village, his first band was Origins (Atherstone). After a brief spell in Identity Thief (Southampton) and Fly By Nature (Wolverhampton) he decided to move to Sweden and began writing his own music, which culminated in the release of Journey to the Centre of Yourself.  Currently rehearsing with a band before starting gigging around Stockholm in 2019.

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