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The Smile Case "Murder Weather" - Album Review

Have you ever got stoned and listened to Stairway To Heaven backwards? Have you found that shed of guilt that is tucked away deep inside? Do you know how to swim? These are some of the deep and meaningful questions asked on The Smile Case’s Murder Weather album which will be released Friday February 22, 2019 via Blacktop Records.

The band has been fronted for over a decade by Ben Andress as an acoustic project; this is now the second release as a full band featuring bassist Shane McElhone and drummer Jackson Cronmiller. Recorded at 460 Studios in Hemlock, Ontario with producer Kyle Winkworth with the help of friends Alex Winkworth, Justin Hammond and Alex Fruch (The Lexington Cure) with guests, Delbert Schott (Elias The Band) Connor Lovat-Fraser on the song Pill Sick (Boys Night Out) Mike Trebilcock (The Killjoys) on the song Kim Mitchell's Patio Lanterns, Justis Krar (Single Mothers) on the song Dissonant, Grey Gordon (Kill Surf City) on the song Murder Weather & Brendan B Brown (the singer of the band Wheatus) on the song The Going Is Good.

Screams Media was offered the chance to listen to this full ten track album and dug the old school, alternative rock vibe The Smile Case produces. Alternating between soft acoustics and post-grunge throughout, 'Murder Weather' feels as though it holds a strong connection to early 2000's Rock. The Smile Case is like the lovechild of The Cure and Our Lady Peace; they're the right blend of familiarity and uniqueness.

The Smile Case present an enjoyable album with interesting lyrical content, memorable choruses and solid riffs, the band gives listeners an excellent ride. Fans of alternative rock, or other forms of post-grunge music should find The Smile Case appealing, and I would recommend 'Murder Weather' to new listeners. Check it out on Februrary 22nd, 2019 and listen to the second track off the album below!


  1. Murder Weather - 3:00

  2. Kim Mitchell's Patio Lanterns - 2:12

  3. Dissonant - 2:19

  4. The Going Is Good - 2:01

  5. Two Feet & A Heartbeat - 2:16

  6. I Don't Want It To Go To Hell - 2:45

  7. Half A Day Away - 2:03

  8. Drag - 2:08

  9. Pill Sick - 2:02

  10. Lifetimes - 3:56

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