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The Noolands to Release 'Us on a Bus: Behind the Scenes' Video Special

Barrie-based rock and roll quartet The Noolands have been working hard over the last five years to craft a sound that is just as fun to listen to as it is dynamic. Taking influences from rock, blues, jazz, alternative, and funk, The Noolands truly have a style of their own that has allowed them to grow a large, loyal fan-base in their hometown and beyond.

Comprised of best friends Aaron Casey, Jon Laxton, Brandon Davenport, and James Laxton (all multi-instrumental, often switching places throughout their set), the incredible musical skill of each member combined with the tight-knit friendship of the band creates a synchronicity and unspoken understanding that is clear in their live show and in the music they write. Since 2014, we have seen a steady stream of new material and creative marketing campaigns that allow them to retain a constant and close connection to their fans.

After releasing a few notable singles including ‘High School T-Shirt’ and ‘End of the Road’ lead up to their 2016 debut EP Generation Why, a five-song journey through several distinctive musical styles. The next year, a brand-new single ‘Record Man’ was released and quickly became a hit, receiving a lot of attention and radio play around the world. In 2018, their second EP was unleashed – Us on a Bus. Once again, The Noolands proved that they are continuing to push the limits of their sound while staying true to their indie roots.

Now, The Noolands are ready to release a 17 minute behind the scenes look at the making of 2018’s ‘Us on a Bus’. In this never-before-seen footage, viewers are brought right into “where the magic happens” as they go through the recording process. “It's especially fascinating to watch producer Shane Heath work, because he's a true old-school rock & roll producer who is very ‘off the grid’.” Says Brandon Davenport. “So many local musicians (even outside of our hometown) haven't been exposed to this kind of environment. I think the “Us on a Bus: Behind the Scenes” special shows a side of the local music scene that most folks have never experienced before. It’s also an incredibly emotional thing for us to watch as well because it took place over a span of 3 years. When you put this much work into something, it’s really exciting to watch the process unfold, especially for people on the outside.”

"Us on a Bus: Behind the Scenes” will be available on Thursday, March 21st, 2019. Tune in on Facebook, YouTube, and

Watch the trailer here!

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