Just over a year on from critically acclaimed second album The Nothing (★★★★ - The Independent, ★★★★ - Uncut, ★★★★ - Mojo) The Last Dinosaur have returned with a brand new video for album track 'The Sea' 

Speaking about the track and the video, songwriter Jamie Cameron says "The song is about eventually being reunited with someone important that was lost. My only request was that the video featured two male characters as I've rarely (if ever) seen a platonic male love explored in this way."

The video was produced by the award-winning Finnish photographer and artist Christoffer Relander, and perfectly captures the atmosphere of the song. The video balances itself against the tracks minimal ambience, poetic lyrics and detailed yet understated instrumentation through it's emotive use of cold and often distant imagery and a powerful sense of unification and hope.

Poignant, dreamlike, beautiful: The Last Dinosaur’s The Nothing is a record to swim in. The brainchild of Londoner Jamie Cameron, it’s an album that addresses a tragic event from his teenage years, and transmutes that experience into a cathartic work of art.

At 16, Jamie had met kindred spirit James Macdonald at music college and recorded the 2004 album Good Morning Sunshine… and Goodnight with him under the name Since I Was a Little Girl, a well-received debut through the independent label Where It’s At Is Where You Are. But a year later, Jamie was in a car crash that tragically claimed the life of his best friend. Out for the day with one of Jamie’s sisters and another friend, the car aquaplaned and hit another car at a junction. James’ injuries were the worst among the passengers, and when he passed away, Jamie was in a state of shock.

“I’d had a pretty idyllic life until then, nothing particularly bad had happened,” Jamie says. “That was a difficult experience to comprehend. Despite how harrowing it was, I thought came out of it relatively mentally unscathed, although in hindsight that’s a trick you tell yourself.”

Instead, he began recording with another music college friend, Luke Hayden, as The Last