The Goldwyn Experiment Release New Album 'Avenue B'

Canadian progressive jazz rock band The Goldwyn Experiment released a new album recently entitled "Avenue B", following up last years "Avenue A" release. Goldwyn is also known for his role as guitarist in Montreal rock and roll band Psychocide, who also released an album last year and has similar sound to David Elfman, Faith No More, Frank Zappa and The Doors

"This album although entitled Avenue B whic
Track List 1. Prologue 2. Vodka Tea 3. Bag of Nails 4. Sad Boy Summer 5. Fast Response 6. Interlude 7. Whale Jail 8. Arrows 9. Let it Snow 10. Queen Of The Night 11. Epilogue

h is where I resided in the Lower East Side of New York City. It actually encompasses my life experience, from living in Mauritius, Glasgow - Scotland, NYC, San Diego California and Montreal. The ideas, melodies, feels and riffs comes from all these places and people I met along the way, music I heard from bars and buskers. The record just happened to be narrative after the project was recorded, its a story told backwards from the last track up to the first." - Goldwyn Thandrayen

Goldwyn Thandrayen is a Musician and Songwriter best known for his work in 2017 as the Lead Singer, Guitarist of Montreal’s Rock N’ Roll band Psychocide. He was born and raised on the Island of Mauritius, picked up guitar at the age of 16 and formed a band right out the gate, covering songs from Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Guns N’ Roses, Sting & The Police, Deep Purple, Helloween and many more. Although these are quiet popular bands, in Mauritius, it wasn’t quiet the case. If anything Rock N’ Roll was pretty underground in 2005. After graduating High School, he attended a Jazz establishment in Florida, USA “The Player School of Music.”

Developing a new set of ears and being introduced to the world of Jazz, taking him completely out of his Rock N’ Roll self taught element. He would later pursue a degree in corporate law in Glasgow, Scotland in 2006. After graduating College, he joined numerous bands, from a Death Metal band, to a Blues band, to a Wedding Cover band, none of which would last very long before he put together what is now known as “The Goldwyn Experiment.” The Goldwyn Experiment was formed in 2011, inexperienced on vocals, Goldwyn called upon numerous artists from different bands, different backgrounds and countries to help him out. He released the rst single “Fadin’ Away” in 2011 followed by the EP “Tonight We Fly” in 2012, which would set the bar to what the project would later become, A Collaboration project. In 2015 after collaborating with a Jazz trio in New York City, where he was then established. He recorded “Mr. Suit” at Kaufman Astoria Studio (which would later appear as a Rock Version on Psychocide’s “Alcohol + Bad Decisions.”). The trio consisted of Art Hirahara on Piano, Evan Gregor on Upright Bass and Jared Schonig on Drums. The session went so well, that Goldwyn decided to write an album featuring the trio in what would become “Avenue A”.

“Avenue A” was recorded at “Strange Weather Studios” in Brooklyn and was released in 2016. Goldwyn would only deliver vocals on the record, except for the track “Vittu Mitä Paskaa” which he provided a soaring guitar solo at the end. The record, unlike his previous materials, was more Jazzy and ambient, it was descriptive of his life in New York City as well as providing visual cinematic themes sonically from songs such “Little Obsession” exploring the life of a stalker out of a crime series and “Revolver .44” dealing with suicidal tendencies.

Shortly after releasing “Avenue A” Goldwyn would write “Alcohol + Bad Decisions” reviving a dormant project of his “Psychocide”. In the fall of 2017, Goldwyn gathered the trio once again, with exception of Jared Shonig, who would be replaced by Kenny Grohowski, and write “Avenue B.” “Avenue B” was recorded in Avatar Studios in New York City and Planet Studio in Montreal. The record not only consists of the former setup, piano, upright bass and drums, but it now also consists of Goldwyn Thandrayen’s guitar work. After almost a year in production the record is nally set to be released November 2nd 2018.

Watch the "Sad Boy Summer" music video below.

"Sad Boy Summer" via Spotify or Soundcloud.

Listen to the album privately on SoundCloud in advance of it's release: "Avenue B" or pre-order via Apple/iTunes.

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