STRIKE MASTER - Album Review

Written by: Kurtis Bradimore

Strike Master is a 3 peice Thrash metal band, Hailing from Mexico. Founded in 2005 by Col.KMU (guitars & vocals), Corp.Picos (Drums) Recruit Crio (bass) Strike Master has since released 5 studio albums and 2 EP's. Strike Master excels by blending a unique style of raw instrumentals with grungy, punkish vocals all while still remaining true to classic thrash roots. Although the recordings speak for themselves, i feel this band is one that must be seen live in order to fully appreciate the heavy, chaotic sound they portray.

Screams media was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review their latest album released October 12, 2017 for the blog. Be sure to check out their other works as this is one band you wont want to miss out on.

The album starts off with a bang, with the first track "Follow Me" immediately starting with a bass drop followed by a grungy guitar rift that slowly builds into what I can only describe as "side to side aggression". The track is strictly instrumental and acts as a fantastic opener, building anticipation for what else is to come.

The second track titled "No future" starts off heavy and aggressive, acting as a great transition point for vocals. Once the vocals kick in I found myself headbanging. The song follows a consistently fast beat, ultimately leading to a very melodic and unexpected bridge, which i found myself listening to multiple times.

The third track off the album titled "Boy In The Hole" was my personal favourite and you can listen to it at the end of this article. The song starts off on a high note, with heavy, chaotic guitar chords and aggressive drumming. The consistent pedal blasts and fast paced drumming featured on this track are nothing short of impressive. I imagine this song would be as fun to play live as it would be challenging.

Track 4 of the album titled "As I March" starts of bold and brutal and is the longest track off the album, running 5:11 long. I found this song particularly interesting, mostly due to the anthem styled vocals a quarter of the way in. The pattern and rhythms emulated are very catchy and I could visualize full crowd engagement in a live setting. All of that partnered with the crushing tempo change mid way through the song made for a well rounded, solid track.

Track 5, titled "Urban Phantasms" does an excellent job at showcasing the different dynamics of vocal styles. With bouncy guitar riffs, fast drum grooves and creative vocal flow, this song acts as a great transitional piece and is sure to build hype in any live setting

Track #6 titled "The Mortarist" was another personal favourite of mine. This track features very heavy, melancholy bass which is much more predominant than in previous tracks. The tones of the bass used in the chorus creates an underwater atmosphere, giving the listener an almost eerie feeling. Mid way through the track features an unexpected breakdown with an energetic lead i found myself listening to over and over.

Track #7 titled "Anti Aerel Witchunt Battery" is exactly as chaotic as the name suggests. The vocals on this track feel far more angry and aggressive than on other tracks. The bass line in the final moments continues through to the 8th track and acts as a fantastic transition between the two songs.

The 8th track titled "Chant Of Falcons" switches things up a bit. This one features many riffs and rhythms reminiscent of classic rock and roll. The vocals on this track are far more soulful and less harsh than the vocals on the previous tracks. The track ends on a high note, with a chorus chant "Woah oh oh yeah" that I'm sure sparks huge crowd participation.

Track #9 titled "Machines of Mercy" is everything but merciful. The intro starts strong and animated, continuing through to a soulful tapping solo quickly followed by crushing chugs, which are sure to turn any venue into a hostile warzone.

The 10th and final track titled "Born Horrible" took me by surprise. Within the first few seconds of the song, the bass line becomes very predominant and acts as a focal point throughout the rest of the song. This ultimately leads up to a a very unique break near the bridge, which ends the album with an inspirational monologue, followed by a finishing build up i felt emulated an instrumental war cry.

In conclusion, i found the album to be rather enjoyable. In a erra full of electronic editing and over produced recordings, it's a breath of fresh air to hear a band with such a raw, aggressive sound.

You can listen to the album by clicking the link here and be sure to follow "Strike Master" on their website, facebook and instagram to keep updated on all the exciting things to come in 2019!

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