'Soundgoods' - Crast's Debut EP Review

Review By: Chris Harrington

Crast's debut EP 'Soundgoods'

Crast works in mysterious ways. This four-piece rock band hailing from Barrie, ON has just released their debut EP, the aptly-named ‘Soundgoods’. This five track album was recorded at Candle Recording (with an impressive client list including Tokyo Police Club, The Dirty Nil, Gordon Downie, and many more) and mastered at Lacquer Channel, both located in Toronto, ON.

Despite being just over a year old, Crast has made waves with their eclectic, funky, and catchy style of rock and roll. Each band member – Derek Upham, Austin Myers, Corey Dzula, and Zach Franchetto – brings their own unique musical influences into the song-writing, creating a unique sound that is tough to define. ‘Soundgoods’ encompasses all the best things about Crast, and certainly was worth waiting for!

The EP starts off with Swimming, a perfect representation of the unpredictability Crast has mastered in their song arrangements. A slow, dreamy intro kicks into a quick, upbeat chorus laden with incredibly raw vocals. In true form, it’s not long before we are shown the heavier side of the band with a wailing guitar solo over a metal-inspired riff. It is an incredible start to the album and a lot of fun to listen to!

Suffer follows and continues to highlight the versatility of their sound, while still maintaining an overall “Crast-y” feel. This theme continues into the last three tracks Thrown Away, Rescue, and Get Better.

Overall, ‘Soundgoods’ far exceeded my already high expectations from a band I have followed since their first live show. Each and every song was thoroughly enjoyable to listen to and kept my attention with tempo and genre changes while managing to remain organized and deliberate. I highly recommend checking this album out and following them on their social media accounts, because when they hit your town, you will NOT want to miss it!

Listen to 'Soundgoods' on:

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/ca/album/soundgoods-ep/1465837276

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6jT9WV21S1Y6UBIDh2l5JN?si=qMxVXN0yQ068X8yyzGqy6g

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/crastband/

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