Silverstein 15 Year Anniversary Tour - CONCERT REVIEW

On December 15th, 2018 The Opera House in Toronto became the Emo house; crammed full of twenty and thirty-something year old fans who were ready to relive their teenage years for this sold out fifteen year "When Broken Is Easily Fixed" anniversary tour.

Making fans SCREAM that evening were Capstan, As Cities Burn, Hawthorne Heights and our wonderful Canadian Headlining band, Silverstein.

The crowd was fairly large to start off with; people were right up against the barricades and ready to get silly before music even started. So when the lights changed for the first set, everyone was ready to get "Smashed Into Pieces." I had personally been waiting "Forever And A Day," for this show. "Hear Me Out," I am never "Giving Up," this emo heart of mine. As much as I "Wish I Could Forget You," black fringe hair cut and overwhelming eyeliner days, we will always be "Friends In A Fall River." (Okay, okay. I'm done.)

Capstan, travelling all the way from the heart of Florida, started the night off right. Humbled and happy to be sharing the stage with some of their inspirations, it was easy to tell that this band was living their dream. Switching between impressive clean and rough vocals, Capstan had people jumping around and headbanging shortly into their first song. The entire set was impressive. The energy from the members was highly contagious and quickly spread throughout the venue. Capstan is an incredibly talented band and it's only a matter of time before they're headlining a tour and being called out for encores.


As Cities Burn, a band based between Los Angeles and Tennessee were second to take the stage and crowd by storm. Putting on a memorable set with some crazy stage lighting, high-energy jumping off of speakers and talent for days, these guys were fun to watch.

As Cities Burn definitely gained a bunch of new Toronto fans during this tour and we hope they come back again soon!


Hawthorne Heights from Ohio had many fans in the venue who were anxiously awaiting their set, myself included. Hitting long-time fans right in the feels with some fan favourites like "Pens And Needles," and "Ohio Is For Lovers," had the venue shaking as everyone sang along to the lyrics. These guys had a couple special moments during their set that really stood out to me.

Taking a moment to advocate for Metal Health Awareness, Hawthorne Heights just wanted to have a great time with their Canadian fans. They wanted everyone to forget about the negative things in daily life and just focus on being at a wicked venue with fantastic music and great people. Hawthorne Heights also had everyone light up their phones and hold them up high; this can be a common thing at concerts for d r a m a t i c a e s t h e t i c e f f e c t, but this time, it was to pay tribute to late musicians and friends who lost their lives far too early. The moment gave me goosebumps and I was thankful for the security guard (you da real MPV,) who let me back into the photo pit for a special video clip which you can view below.

Seriously though, Hawthorne Heights put on a fantastic set that, brought me right back to high school. Just like their back banner said, "I used to listen to Hawthorne Heights in high school." Well, now I'm back to listening full time again and wish I could see them live more often! Come back to Toronto soon, please!


Silverstein from Burlington, Ontario, headlined the night and played TWO sets. The first containing songs from the "When Broken Is Easily Fixed," album and second, their Greatest Hits, which honestly wrapped up the BEST concert I have ever been to. Before these guys even stepped foot on stage, the crowd chanted for the band and roared like thunder when they made their entrance. It's amazing to see bands close to home be so successful, it's even more amazing to be a long-time fan and have the opportunity to cover the set.

By the time Silverstein started to perform, there wasn't an open spot left on the venue floor. I had expected a crowded night because it was a sold out concert, but this was ridiculously packed; I didn't know so many emos had existed. Like, where were you people when I was growing up? For real, there was so much love and support in the air that Silverstein seemed to siphon and thrive off of. There were times when it was hard to hear the band because the fans were screaming so loud with the lyrics! At one point, they even had lead vocalist, Anthony from Capstan join them for guest vocals, which was really cool to see.

Clearly happy to be playing a show back home, Silverstein gave everything they had for their two sets and even came back out for encore. The energy, passion, talent and love this band has for their fans and sets is incredible; this was a phenomenal concert and I can only hope that another fifteen years from now, we'll see a thirty year anniversary tour.