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Screams Media Interview With Semler

Grace 'Semler' Baldridge is an emerging solo Singer/Songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Semler has a love for various genres; you can find Simon & Garfunkel right next to Slipknot in her playlists, but her passion lays in creating Folk Music.

On Halloween 2018, Semler released her EP "Six Feet Under All The Same" to the world and with it quickly gaining attention, she just recently released a new music video for her song "When I go."

Screams Media was lucky enough to snag a little exclusive interview on this incredible budding artist. We hope you enjoy getting to know more about Semler as much as we did!

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SCREAMS MEDIA: Tell us about yourself and your musical background! Has music always been a large part of your life and where did ‘Semler’ come from?

I’ve been writing music privately since I was a teenager. But I only recently started to release anything, and take my songwriting seriously. Semler is my middle name.

SCREAMS MEDIA: You label yourself as Folk; What influenced you to create this type of music?

Guitar was the first instrument I learned to play, so that definitely influenced the type of music I write. As far as a genre, it’s a little mysterious. I like to tell stories, so lyrically folk music has always appealed to me in that sense.

SCREAMS MEDIA: So we’re pretty lucky here and I have to thank you for giving Screams Media this opportunity! You’ve just released an official music video for "When I Go." The video itself is very simple, but really well done! How long did it take you to create that and who directed it?

Yeah! I’m really excited to be sharing this video. It’s my Mom’s favorite song on the record, so we had to show it some love. We shot it on an empty street in Santa Monica at sunrise. The song was recorded in one take, so we wanted to do the same thing with the video. My friend Amir Nikoui directed. He also directed the video for my song “Skeleton”.

SCREAMS MEDIA: Continuing from the previous question, what was the most exciting part about creating that music video and what was the most frustrating?

The most exciting part for me was working with Amir again. He’s one of my best friends, but also one of my favorite people to work with in a creative setting. The most frustrating part was committing to doing the video in one take. We didn’t get a perfect take before the sun came up - but we chose the best one.

SCREAMS MEDIA: Going back a little, you released your EP “Six Feet Under All The Same,” earlier this year. What is your favourite song from that EP and why?

I think “Skeleton” is probably my favorite. They all have a special place in my heart, but “Skeleton” took a really unique journey. I wrote it as a piano ballad, but it wound up as a twangy folk tune. It was also the first single off the project.

SCREAMS MEDIA: So far, what has been the biggest accomplishment climbing into the industry? Alternatively, what has been the hardest challenge and how did you overcome it?

I was really excited when the EP received over 10,000 streams in the first week. That was a big accomplishment for me. I struggle with a pretty gnarly imposter syndrome, so that can be a challenge. I’m not sure I’ve overcome it yet, but I’m working on it.

SCREAMS MEDIA: Can we briefly talk about a fan, mentor, friend or family who has really inspired you in the past? What did this person do or say that had such an impact?

The team I work with at Big Bad Sound are amazing. Their belief in my music means a great deal. Zach Fisher produced this record. He has a knack for pushing me outside of my comfort zone while retaining the core elements of my songwriting.

SCREAMS MEDIA: Let’s do a quickfire round! Finish the sentences!

a) My dream collaboration is with...Willie Nelson b) I get inspired by...heartbreak - doesn’t need to be my own. c) If I didn’t have music I would be...a hermit. d) In ten years I hope to be...happy and healthy. e) When it comes to Live performances VS recording time I prefer.... Recording time - by far!

SCREAMS MEDIA: What is something that we can look forward to seeing from you next? Any little teasers?

I’m heading back into the studio in January or February. Expect a lot more singles coming out in 2019.

SCREAMS MEDIA: Anything else you would like to mention before we wrap up?

Thanks for premiering my video!

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