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SATE Shares New Music Video - WATCH & LISTEN

SATE [definition]: satisfy a desire to the fullest

From Black Sabbath to Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder to Kate Bush, Sate's diverse love of music may have no rhyme or reason, but as long as it moves the body, mind and soul then she doesn't care what anyone thinks.

Inspired by watching the influx of police brutality, Trump supporters and the fetishcization of brown bodies’ pain and humanity. Reframed as a fucked up power struggling, gaslighting boundary-disrespecting relationship, Sate is proud to share her newest single “Dirty Little Lie.

Dirty Little Lie” is about control, succumbing to it or taking it all back. It’s about the devil card in the tarot deck. The song isn't not meant to be preachy,  it’s meant to shine a light on our social conditioning and ask who are we under the influence of? An angel or the devil?

"Working with Producer Hill Kourkoutis, was passionate and majickal," States Sate, continuing, "We’ve been close friends through music for a long time – writing songs together and playing in each other’s bands. Stick around cause the journey has only just begun."

Check Sate out at an upcoming show listed below.

  • Feb. 5th – Berlin Under A – NYC

  • Feb. 7th – Megaphono Festival – Ottawa

  • Feb. 15th – Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto

Stream "Dirty Little Lie" on SoundCloud / Dark Beauty Magazine or watch the accompanying video below.




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