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Resurrection Of The Trailer Bash 2022 - READ & WATCH

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Saturday, August 27th held host to one of the greatest parties of the year: The Annual Queensville Trailer Bash. It was a wild night of loud music, flowing drinks and friendly faces.

Starting in 2016, The Trailer Bash has been a staple show in the community. Held once a year, fans and bands from all over the scene come together to play a free show and celebrate the end of the summer and the host, Tyler Patchett's birthday. Once covid hit, the little day festival was forced to take a 2 year hiatus. So needless to say, the attendees were anxious to get back to it!


The night started off strong with a performance by the up and coming Hard Rock band Fx May Vary. The band pairs smooth rock with occasional heavy riffs to create a unique experience. They had great energy and set the bar for the rest of the nights acts.


The transitions in between sets featured short comedy routines from local comic Jake Clara. The sets were hilarious and helped to keep the energy high and the smiles going in between sets. I had never been to a show where there was comedy sets during changeover but I've got to say, it's a really nice touch.


Up next was a newer act in the scene called GFU. With fast riffs, group vocals, and excellent stage performance, these guys really brought high energy. This was my first time seeing this band live and I would highly recommend any fans of punk rock to go and check them out!


The 3rd band of the night was local thrash legends Chainfall. This band never fails to put on a high energy, aggressively paced good time! The band has recently turned into a 3 peice but that doesn't stop them from delivering a full sound from beginning to end.


Up 4th was a other newer act (and one of my personal favourites) Unkle Skurvey. This group of guys are a wild ride. Blending nu-metal grooves with heavy chugs and anti political banter makes for one hell of a show. Delivering a heavier sound, they were a great transition into the rest of the night.


The next band up were the newest heavy hitters and hosts of the bash The Paroxysm. These guys deliver chunky riffs coupled with melodic leads and breaks. The sun had just begin to set at this point. So the transition from aggressive nu metal to deathcore riffs paired with the various strobe lights helped to bring the hype to an all time high. The band consistently delivers a clean, yet brutal sound at each show and I'm really looking to hearing more out of them in the future!


Things really got going by the 6th act of the night CRUELINTENT. Combining elements of Deathcore, Downtempo riffs with a touch of Beatdown, these dudes can really bring the heavy. The energy of the crowd was soaring at this point and the drinks were flowing. Despite being a newer band, they play like they have been going at it for years. They played an amazing set and I, along with half the crowd, found ourselves needing to take a well needed breather before the last 2 bands sets.


The 7th band to grace the stage were the local beatdown kings in Seagrave. It seems everytime I see this band they're slightly more aggressive then they were the show before. From beginning to end this band delivers non stop brutality, from drawn out breakdowns to freakishly low caveman chugs. Unfortunatley due to the excessive moshing that happened during their set, one attendee suffered a pretty serious knee injury in the pit. After speaking with the band, they informed us that knee injuries are actually pretty common at their shows. So much so that they have considered rebranding the band as "Kneegrave" as a joke.

We had tried to do a full set stream for the band, so unfortunatley we were unable to capture many pictures of their set this time. You can view the drum cam footage of the full set below.


The night closed off with an insane performance by the band In The Act Of Violence. The band had recently rebranded and reformed with members of the infamous deathcore outlet BEING. Let me just say, combining those 2 bands into one project may have been one of the greatest things to happen in our local deathcore scene in a long time. From ghastly screams to powerful breakdowns, they brought it all. The end of the band set was particularly interesting, as guitarist Oliver Gatfield fell to the ground and began creating eclectic tones and patterns with his foot pedal as the bands final song played out.


The trailer bash is always a great time. This year however, may have been one of the most memorable ones to date. The night was jam packed with friendly faces and some of the best music the scene has to offer. If you missed this year, be sure not to miss the next one! Thank you to Tyler Patchett and the Patchett family for always being incredible hosts and thank you to all that attended. This night was one for the books

You can view a compilation video of the night coming soon, as well as links to the bands socials below!


Fx May Vary



Unkle Skurvey

The Paroxysm



In The Act Of Violence


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