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Creative musicians have worked so hard for 2020 to be a year of new releases, and most are now facing lost income and opportunity due to travel and large gathering restrictions. Music, no matter how small or local ARE businesses and deserve to be compensated in some way throughout the pandemic.

Kurtis sat down to talk with Brenden (vocalist) and Carl (guitar) from Mount Abora to see how they are dealing with the current crisis.

Songs used with permission in the background are: 1) Astral Projection by Mount Abora 2) Illusionary Blue by Mount Abora 3) Plague Mind by Mount Abora 4) All I Had Was Nothing by Mount Abora

***Check out Mount Abora on their social media accounts*** Website: Facebook: @mountaboraband Instagram: @mountabora

Intro solo written by: David Lee Demarr (Alukah) Intro end vocal Sound clip by: Casius Wray-Muto (The Ocean Cure)

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