PRBLMS Release New Music Video "Prison" - WATCH & LISTEN

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Prblms are a Two-piece project based out of Tampa, Florida; who's unique approach to alternative rap have been captivating fans across the globe. Following the successful release of their debut single “Prison", Prblms have gone on to release two singles "Sucks Without You" and "Ghosts". Now they have recently dropped a music video for "Prison" directed by Andrew Colton.

The duo is comprised of Matthew Tybor (The Bunny The Bear) and Artemis Todorovsky who's friendship grew into the emotional powerhouse Prblms. Since their formation in April of 2019, they have seen a large influx of fans due to their emotional lyrics and creative style; blending elements of pop, alternative rock, rap, and emo. When asked about the creation of the band Artemis said,

I showed him (Matt) Prison, everything except the second verse was done. I planned on getting a feature and he joined". Artemis went on to say “The genres we work in are so different, he ended up having to go back to the studio like three times before I felt like what he wrote worked. We finished it up and dropped it. I paid this dude to e-mail blast some playlists and we kinda didn't speak to each other for a few weeks almost. Then I notice the song is at 60k.... 70k...120k... On Spotify. It's now at 350k. This is something we did not really promote so it's pretty insane.”

The music video depicts various dark and abstract concepts. The video opens up with a hand holding a bloodied human heart before cutting to an almost ritualistic setting. Throughout the video the viewer is presented with various themes; contrasting from bright, “pop art" colours and abstract frames to darkened themes and objects, including a large rag doll with its stuffing falling out of its chest. The video follows a woman who, at one point, drags the rag doll through the ground as a killer would drag their victim.

The song concludes with the lyrics “What kind of prison have you made? What kind of debt for us was paid?” while showcasing the woman floating in an underwater abyss beneath the ground, further reinforcing the metaphors presented throughout the video. You can watch Prison below.

Artemis stated “The lyrics are about being betrayed. About building somebody up, making them who they are, giving them everything and them walking away. It's about all of my past experiences in bands until now. Mixed with this like biblical analogy of the devil being kicked out of hell”

The video has a lot a metaphorical references that can be interpreted in multiple ways. The camera work and overall style was in a constant contrast to itself. Some moments bright and colorful while others felt dark and eerie, which was both entertaining and vexatious. The lyrics of the song itself are incredibly emotional and I feel are relatable to a lot of people. When asked what he hopes people take away from the song, Artemis said “I hope the lyrics are cathartic for people that are angry. Because that's what I feel most of the day that I'm awake is just angry. Probably not healthy”

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Written by Kurtis

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