Post Death Soundtrack Release New Music Video Entitled "Chosen Sons"

New music video release from Vancouver-based electro-doom rock duo Post Death Soundtrack entitled "Chosen Sons". The video is really something to see.

A dimly-lit journey through disfigured monstrosities and oddity-laden chasms serves as the visual backdrop for the first offering from Post Death Soundtrack's vitriolic third album. The sardonic trudge-hop of the lead single 'CHOSEN SONS' takes woozy mellotron strings akin to Bowie's Blackstar and splices in cryptic samples, digital dive-bombs, a serene Arabian breakdown, and a punishing final statement amid the roars of beasts.

This serves as the soundtrack to Steve Moore's scathing commentary on extremist groups. Temporarily placing himself in the shoes of one of these misguided soldiers, Moore investigates with biting sarcasm, the tragic path from scorned youth to radicalized zealot.

"Organizations like ISIS happily recruit child soldiers online and enjoy the luxury of selective, self-referential truth. Donning their black masks and strutting in the parade, this is our ode to these huffing and puffing children, these chosen sons." -Steve Moore

"This music video was a departure for me - using CGI as oppose to live-action - and was a whole new way of getting creative. Thank you Jon and Steve for this opportunity to put to screen some darker depths." - Video creator Colin Everall

Watch the "Chosen Sons" music video below.

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