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Phalloplasty 'The 27 Club' - ALBUM REVIEW

Let me start this review off with what I think is the most essential piece of info, Phalloplasty is a solo project. It is one man, Zack Shaw who does all the instruments (as well as to my knowledge) self produces the music, so this guy quite literally does EVERYTHING.

The first song off the album Embedded With Buckshot immediately gives you a taste of what this record has in store. Fast blasts, gurgling puke-esque vocals and absolutely pummeling grooves. That’s not all this record has to offer you either, it’s also laced with very technical riffs as well breaking away from the monotony this subgenre sometimes falls prey to.

Another place in which this album excels is in the production front. Brutal Death Metal is kind of synonymous with raw production value and Phalloplasty manages to have a fairly clean production value without being overproduced as a fair few of extreme metal bands are these days.

Towards the middle of the album the track Violent Asphyxiation sticks out to me. It’s got these really cool stop-start slams towards the beginning and just doesn’t let up at all. In fact, by the end of the album it continues to not let up, the gravity blast on the ending breakdown of Arterial Corrosion into the final song of the album Death by Misadventure is sick.

Overall, The 27 Club by Phalloplasty is a balls to the wall Brutal Death Metal banger front to back made even more impressive by the fact it’s a solo project. If you have time and are a fan of the genre I highly suggest you take the time out of your day to listen to this all the way through. It clocks in at around half an hour so it’s not a huge time commitment and given the quality of the music it doesn’t even feel like it’s half an hour worth of material. That in my eyes is ideal when dealing with extreme music, not feeling like a drag.

I would rate it a 4.5/5. You can pick it up from the CDN Records webstore or streaming it on your favourite streaming platform!

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Review by Ryan English

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