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Pale Mare Announces Eastern Canadian Tour Dates

L-R James Tulloch (Bass) Eytan Gordon (Guitars, Vocals) Kevin Richards (Drums, Vocals) - Photo Credit: Samantha Carcascole

As their name foretells, Toronto heavy metallers PALE MARE are stampeding across Eastern Canada (QC/PEI/NS/NB) this May bringing with them death in the form of crushing, fuzzy groove over a total of nine stops.

Centered around big loud riffs, PALE MARE can be defined as thick and groovy with their upcoming album that is a “substantial step up from the first effort”, 2017's self-titled EP released via Medusa Crush Records. The band explains further:

“The songs are heavier, louder, groovier, more crushing and they showcase a much more diverse side of the band, where we are able to explore different sonic territory. When we hit the road, fans will get some new sounds to feast on!”

Track Listing: 1. Descolada (5:47) 2. Carthage (5:56) 3. Hoplite (6:58) EP Length: 18:42

Quoting their music as “loud, intense, ugly and heavy as fuck”, PALE MARE looks forward to devastating fans especially those who also enjoy Mastodon, Baroness and High On Fire.

“When fans listen to the music we want to a black hole to tear open in their mind and suck all the mundane dregs of life into the nothingness of the void, and the listener can experience freedom as they surrender to the sheer power and might of the riffs and the music.”

PALE MARE has shared the stage with Eyehategod, Corrosion of Conformity, Windhand, Satans Satyres, Weedeater, Mutoid Man, Serial Hawk, Black Wizard, King Buffalo and Perturbator.

PALE MARE's 2017 self-titled EP is available for stream and download on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube plus cassette and vinyl on Bandcamp.

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