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Norwegian Black Metallers Svartelder Debut A Track And Reveal Details Of Sophomore Full-Length Album

Norwegian Black Metallers SVARTELDER have today revealed details of their second full-length album "Pits" which is set for release on Dusktone in January 2019.

Founder and frontman Doedsadmiral (NORDJEVEL, DOEDSVANGR, ENEPSIGOS) shared some information about the album:

"Despite there being a theme running through the lyrics of its seven tracks,  "Pits" is not a concept album.  Nor was it ever our intention to make it one. It  is an album that explores ones deepest pain and misery.  That difficult battle to crawl out of the pit of despair and back to the world, only to find that the world has deteriorated into something lifeless and miserable. So much so, in fact, that you just want to let go and once again fall back into your pit .

"With our previous releases, the debut full-length "Pyres" and the "Askbundet" EP, we felt that SVARTELDER was still finding itself, and with "Pits" we have pushed ourselves even further musically.  As an album "Pits" is more, aggressive and more melancholic than its predecessors.  In fact, you could say that "Pits" is more of all that makes SVARTELDER what it is".

To give fans a taste of what they can expect from "Pits", SVARTELDER have debuted a track from the album."Pits" was mixed and mastered by Patric at the WSL Studios in France,  whilst much of the recording itself was done in the individual studios of band members Doedsadmiral on vocals,  Tjalve on bass and guitars, Renton on synth and Spektre on drums.

Tracklisting for "Pits" is as follows: Part.I Part.II Part.III Part.IV Part.V Part.VI Part.VII

With artwork by Khaos Diktator Design, "Pits" will be available in CD, Digital, Black Vinyl and Limited Edition (100 copies) Deep Blue Vinyl  formats, and can be pre-ordered now here.

 More information about SVARTELDER can be found on the band's Facebook page at 

BAND  INFORMATION Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud

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