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Mortiis at Velvet Underground - CONCERT REVIEW

Content by: Kara Bradimore

April Fools day 2019 had some dark vibes at the Velvet Underground in Toronto when Graveren, Subterranea and headliner, Mortiis took over. Although it had been a hot minute since I'd shot an event at the Velvet, I had never been to a show quite like this one and had no idea what to expect. We've been working to incorporate more genres here at Screams Media though, so this was a perfect opportunity for that expansion.

Graveren opened the night and set the theme for what was to come. Dark mood lighting and a fog machine from the podium placement made for an interesting and eerie atmosphere throughout the venue. Graveren had a clear Medieval and Black Metal inspired aesthetic in both his styling and sound that created a dark and powerful fantasy.

Subterranea performed next and truthfully had one of the most beautiful voices I'd had the pleasure of hearing live. So hauntingly beautiful that I found my arms covered in goosebumps a few times during the set. Subterranea offered songs that were unique and melodically bewitching leaving the audience captivated by the end.

Mortiis headlined the night and brought the wallflowers out from hiding because any space that had been open prior to his set, suddenly filled up the moment the lighting and backtrack began to play.

Dark from the start, the setup was very obviously inspired by all things macabre and obscure. The mesmerizing tones provided a ritualistic and mystical experience for all who came out. Mortiis put on an entrancing set and is an artist in every sense of the word.

Overall, this concert was full of unique ambient music that introduced me to a whole new scene. If you are a fan of fantasy, medieval, synth, or anything eerie then make sure to follow Graveren, Subterranea and Mortiis and check them out next time they're in your city.

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