Misshapen 'Transcendence' - EP REVIEW

Written by: Kurtis Bradimore

Photo by: Jessy Dwyer

Straight out of Ottawa, Misshapen is a diverse Melodic Death Metal band blending elements of Classic, Progressive, Death and Black metal together, a fusion that has been captivating fans since 2016. Misshapen exceeds at providing complex melodies combined with meaningful lyrics while still maintaining a dynamic, melancholic sound.

Screams Media was given the opportunity to review their new EP, "Transcendence," released on February 8th. You can read the review and check out the video for "The Swarm" at the end of this review!

"The Pressures of Time, Pt. 1" starts off almost ethereal in its delivery. The melancholic string synths paired with clean guitar tones provide a strong open, which takes an unexpectedly heavy turn as the rest of the band joins in. The uplifting guitar melodies and consistent, heavy drum beat provide a strong case for headbanging. This track concludes with a fade into the next track...

"The Pressures of Time, Pt. 2" begins hard and heavy. As soon as the vocals kicked in, the likeability of the EP became apparent! The harsh rawness and range of Lana's voice is incredible, and is reminiscent of other melodic death metal powerhouses such as Children of Bodom or Arch Enemy.

The song continues at a fast pace, showcasing multiple, complex melodies. The reoccurring chorus in this song features lively vocals paired with a harmonic piano accompaniment, which acts as an instrumental fade out towards the end of the track. In general, this track is easy to get addicted to.

"The Swarm" begins with an ambience reminiscent of a battle march, complete with war drums, before transitioning into a harsher piece filled with wild breakdowns and heavy beats, and even a few banshee-esque screams for effect. This track is more than likely an insane piece in a live show.

"Strong Man's Will" runs at 3:51, and is the shortest track of the EP. This track begins peaceful, quickly transitioning into a bright and aggressive verse. The melody of this song is fairly consistent, with heavy verses and a catchy refrain, more than likely making this an ideal track to begin a show with.

"Transcendence" is the final and longest track on this record, clocking 5:58. Much like the previous tracks on the EP, the production on this track is fantastic. The track begins almost mellow, with guitar harmonies breaking down into a brutal piece; contrasting this, however, is the presence of long vocal pieces, giving an air of tranquility in the refrain. As the title track of the EP, this track had a lot to prove, and it certainly didn't disappoint!

Overall, this entire EP was an enjoyable experience. The unique use of orchestral synth with a wide range of guitar tones, in addition to a deep bass emphasis, all combined to create one solid EP - if you're a fan of death metal, I think that this is a safe recommendation for you as well!

You can keep up to date on Misshapen on their various social media accounts listed below! In addition, be sure to check out their music video for "The Swarm," as well as the lyric video for "Transcendence," both of which are embedded below!




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