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Metalcore From Planet Danger ft The Northern & More - SHOW REVIEW

On Friday April 19th, 2019, StS Promotions and The Foxx Lounge Rock Bar & Hotdoggery came together to deliver Barrie a night of Metalcore from Planet Danger! No stranger to the majority of bands playing that evening, I was absolutely looking forward to a spicy show! However, I didn't expect the venue to hit full capacity before the first band took to the stage, that was super impressive and just hyped up the lingering excitement. It looked like it was going to be a promising and very fun night.


a metalcore and post-hardcore band from Midland Ontario kicked off the night with high energy and held absolutely nothing back. This was a band that brought so much 'oomph' for an opening set that they truly impressed me that night. They brought a good, genuine hardcore feel and sounded crisp throughout the whole performance. They delivered the same impact from first song to last and if you haven’t given these guys a chance, get on it because they're a band to definitely look out for!

Behold Infinity,

a Metal groove bomb band from the GTA with "sick licks and groovy kicks," were next to play and the only band that I hadn't known much about prior to the show. However, this band churned out tune after tune of metal greatness. They entertained the crowd with some gem songs, had a lot of fans in the audience and got the crowd pumped up and headbanging with the high energy delivery of their tunes. Overall, I was really impressed with this bands performance and would like to see them again in the future.

A Particle Apart,

a progressive metal band from Barrie wasted no time warming up the crowd with their straight forward and hard-hitting sounds. The energy of the band flowed through each member and everyone definitely felt the power they were throwing through their commanding stage presence. A Particle Apart is an absolute musical force, and I look forward to next time! If you haven’t given these guys a chance, get on it!

The Northern,

is a Toronto band that perfectly combines djent and metalcore and they headlined the night. Starting off by lead vocalist, Mike, saying that this would be their last live performance playing their typical setlist, the band smashed straight into their set of fan favourites and had the venue signing and headbanging along with them. These guys easily put on one of the best live shows you can experience in local Metal right now and deliver the same high-energy impact every single time. Quickly turning into one of my favourite bands, The Northern made every moment from opening to closing moments of their set incredible, allowing a surprise guest vocal appearance from Rob of Throne To The Wolves at one point too. Their stage presence, passion and force on stage is something that a lot of other bands in this genre just don’t have. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing these guys, do yourself a favour and do it as soon as possible!

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Overall, this was probably the most lively local show that I've attended so far at The Foxx Lounge Rock Bar & Hotdoggery and yet another fantastic event put on by Sts Promotions. Everyone in attendance had a great time, every band slayed their set, the pit was carnage from start to finish and nobody wanted the night to end.

“On behalf of StS Promotions, thank you to the bands who came out and put on one hell of a show, the fans who moshed, cheered, and continue to keep the music scene alive. Also, thank you to The Foxx Lounge for being a second home to so many people. It’s amazing to see that live, original music is not only alive, but thriving, and it makes what we do *that* much more worth it.” - Chris Harrington, Founder of StS Promotions.

** Bands/Media Partners/Fans, all images from this event can be found on Flickr here. Feel free to download or share any content with proper credit back. To purchase images without watermarking, please email

Content by: Kara Bradimore

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