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Updated: Nov 13, 2018

LUC is a Futuristic LA Garage-tronic, Pop, Electro band made up of Kari Kimmel and Joe Corcoran from LA. Described as being a "modernized Blondie crossed with Saint Vincent and Nine Inch Nails", Luc, signed by Number Vun Records, recently released their EP "Glow"

Having songs recorded by The Backstreet Boys, Ke$ha, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato, has allowed Kari to collaborate on three platinum and five gold soundtracks. While Joe's work as an engineer, mixer and musician earned him two platinum records, and a number one hit internationally with Lenka’s “The Show.” LUC is percussive loops, nasty guitars, odd sounds and cool vocals that captures the wonder of discovering a musical instrument or sound for the first time.

Looking back on the release of the "GLOW" music video posted earlier this year, it was clear to tell that fans had been anticipating this EP for some time. The comments on the music video alone show just how influential and creative fans of LUC consider Kari and Joe to be. Aside from fantastic experimental sounds, they also use fantastic experimental art in videos and I found myself sucked into their unque style. Soon enough, all the tracks from the "GLOW" EP had a playthrough and I found myself wanting more.

1. Glow 2. Over It 3. Extraverdant 4. Ghost 5. Running Down The Halls 6. Lost In Love
  1. The First song on the EP is the "GLOW" song. "Musically, this has all the right notes in the right place to hit the pleasure zones...and it does." Commented Bright Dreams on Youtube and here at SCREAMS MEDIA, we definitely agree! You can watch this music video at the end of this article.

  2. The second song is titled "OVER IT" and has a very upbeat, fun type of vibe to it. I had expected a slower song with a title like "Over It" but was very happy to find myself dancing, clapping and singing along to the "Na,na, na, na, na, na's." Absolutely a fun song and a great track to have right after "Glow." This is my personal favourite track from the EP and has been added to my personal Spotify playlists.

  3. The third song is called "EXTRAVERDANT" and is much slower in comparison to the previous song. It's got a vibe that made me feel like I was floating through space, or floating on the surface of water. Chill and laid back with a percussion line that makes the listener get lost in the sound, "Extraverdant" shows the range of style LUC has.

  4. The fourth song on this EP is titled "GHOST" and sounds like it's out of a late 80's popular cult film or something. The electro-pop and synth vibe running in the background pairs perfectly with the electric guitar and Kari's smooth vocals. A very fun song to listen to and I'm very curious to see what film soundtrack it DOES end up on in the future.

  5. The second to last song on this EP is "RUNNING DOWN THE HALLS" and has a tambourine that really gives this song an upbeat and playful feel. It's nearly impossible to sit still during this track and is one that I've added to my personal Spotify playlists as well.

  6. The last song on this EP, and the one to brilliantly wrap up the whole track list is "LOST IN LOVE". This track provides a range of instrumental sounds and is the longest track from this EP at 5:15 long. Slow, sensual, goosebump worthy and full of raw emotion, "Lost In Love," is the perfect ending to this wonderfully creative EP from Luc.

Overall, the "GLOW" EP from LUC is a fantastic piece of work from start to finish. Full of a beautiful mixture of tones and creativity, LUC is a fascinating duo to keep an eye on! Watch the music video to the song "GLOW" below, and purchase the whole EP for "GLOW" here.


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