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LIILY Share New Single (LISTEN) + Debut EP Due Out 03.08.2019

Rising alt-rock band Liily, a crew of teenagers hailing from deep in the San Fernando Valley, are sharing their latest single Sepulveda Basin today. The band says “the song is about the pleasures of living in the greatest place in the world: the San Fernando Valley.”

The new song follows their two breakout tracks Toro and Sold, both of which will appear on their forthcoming debut EP I Can Fool Anybody In This Town, due out on March 8 via Southern California-based indie label Flush Records. The EP comes just in time for their mid-March performance at SXSW. The band is currently hosting a month-long residency at The Echo in Los Angeles, with their DIY underground festival moniker ‘Brekfest,’ every Tuesday in January by way of Flush Records, KLOS' Check One...Two, and Spaceland Presents. The Brekfest set also includes performances from some of LA’s finest, like Starcrawler, Skating Polly, Death Valley Girls, Plague Vendor, and Superet.

Sepulveda Basin sings of a vicious cycle in a sour, tumultuous relationship, the chorus croons, “In n out again. It was the best I ever had. In n' out again. My life’s growing so sad.”

Inhabiting a diverse and sprawling city where both Odd Future and Jane’s Addiction somehow seem to have crossed their paths, and raised on an internet culture where kids can seemingly digest the entire history of western music in a matter of months, Liily makes music that draws on all the jagged stimuli of their upbringings to make something distinctly Los Angeles in 2019. It’s suburban valley music from the future, even as it calls back to 1991. 

Liily’s local shows reflect that crazed manic intensity. Audiences of often under-aged kids turn up to dance and absolutely tear the place apart alongside the band. Having started out playing mostly house parties and warehouses, it’s only recently that this new youth culture has even entered into nightclubs. 

Their music is the sound of a gang of teenagers kicking the shit out of every room they play, harkening in a new generation of bands with guitars, and setting out to build an entirely new culture where everyone can jump and in take part. 

Liily has already received support from the rock community since their inception, with radio play in the UK from Jack Saunders at BBC Radio 1, and Amazing Radio. Local LA favorites KCSN and KLOS have been great supporters. The video for recent single Sold premiered exclusively on Spotify’s ‘Rock This’ and ‘New Noise’ playlists, since gaining nearly 400k views and over 1M streams. Meanwhiile, Apple Music playlisting has included hits on ‘New Releases (Rock),’ ‘Hot Tracks (Rock)’, ‘Rock Workout,’ ‘Breaking Rock,’ ‘New Rock,’ and ‘Best of the Week’.

I CAN FOOL ANYBODY IN THIS TOWN TRACK LISTING: 1. Toro [Video / Audio] 2. The Weather 3. Sepulveda Basin 4. I Can Fool Anybody In This Town 5. Nine 6. Sold [Video / Audio]

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