Jupiter Hollow to Release New Album ‘Bereavement’

Barrie, ON prog-metal duo Jupiter Hollow are set to release their second album titled ‘Bereavement’ on June 12th - a follow-up to their 2018 debut record ‘AHDOMN’. Known for their technical songwriting, emotionally-driven arrangements, and an uncanny ability to take the listener on a musical odyssey, Jupiter Hollow have not only tested the limits of the ‘prog’ genre, but created something entirely their own.

Consisting of just two members - Kenny Parry and Grant MacKenzie - JH have created a highly immersive and engaging musical experience both in their sound as well as in their online presence. What they create isn’t simply music, but is also highly emotional, visceral, and transcends the status-quo of modern music. Their upcoming album ‘Bereavement’ is no exception.

Consisting of nine tracks, JH have once again provided their 16,000+ fans with an album that immerses the listener in a gripping journey from start to finish. As you progress through the album, each track feels purposeful in arrangement and feeling, stimulating the senses and tugging at your emotions. ‘Bereavement’ is an album you truly feel as well as hear, and exceeded all expectations by showing JH’s maturation and talent.

Fans of groups as diverse as Between the Buried and Me, Coheed and Cambria, Rush, A Perfect Circle, and Tesseract can find something to love with ‘Bereavement’. When I asked the band to describe themselves, the album, and their inspiration, they had this to say:

“Some people consider us to be alternative metal, some people consider us to be progressive rock, and some people just like what they hear. We don’t believe in genre; we believe genre is an excuse to pigeonhole our sound. For us, we prefer to keep our options open. As for what we sound like, that's for you to determine. We don't care what we sound like, since we don't have control over our destiny. Our path is written, but we must walk it. Therefore, the music has already been created in the future, and we are messengers of the present. We are from Earth, from your future. Moving forward through time is to move forward through space. We are evolutionary descendants of our past, we evolve from our actions. Jupiter Hollow is here to share the missing link of your human existence.”

This is an album that has to be experienced to be truly understood. As always, they go beyond simply being a ‘prog-metal’ band, with influences from many other genres included in their songwriting, intricately woven into what will certainly become a pivotal album for them - defining them as a delightfully unpredictable and enigmatic band worth keeping an eye on.

With the future of the music industry so uncertain, hope can be found in bands continuing to create and release new material; adapting to the current climate and persevering with their art. The future is bright for this young duo, and already it is clear they are just getting started!

Now, more than ever, it is vital to support the local music scene through these tough times. Make sure you head over to their website at www.jupiterhollow.ca to pre-order ‘Bereavement’, enjoy exclusive content, pick up some merch, and to stay up to date on all things Jupiter Hollow!

FB @jupiterhollowofficial IG @jupiterhollow_ Youtube @jupiterhollow Preorder: https://www.jupiterhollow.ca/jupiterhollow-bereavement

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Written by: Chris Harrington