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James World rose from painfully complex origins. Primary songwriter Michael Madrid's father was a worship leader who had a fatal heart attack while playing music at church. The guitar Michael writes on to this day is the instrument their dad played on during his final performance. “That event shows that through trauma and heartbreak beautiful events can occur. My goal is to give everything to music just like my father did,” Michael explains. The alt-rock quintet’s debut, Funny Dreams, comes out May 17th, and will be proceeded by the rousing single “Dominoes.”

"Dominoes" on Soundcloud

Funny Dreams’ first single Dominoes, is an imaginatively arranged alt-rock opus that traverses densely detailed guitar interlace and quiet ethereal beauty. Beneath this gorgeously arranged instrumentation is a powerful treatise on emotionality. Michael explains: “When I watch people in line staring blankly at either their phones or the back of someone else’s head, I sometimes wonder if they will all fall down if I tap them on the back. The song deals with the idea that not being vulnerable or caring amounts to just standing in line and not feeling anything. I want people to feel and experience love,” Michael shares.

James World is Michael Madrid, vocals/guitar; Nate Ray, drums; Harrison Ray, bass guitar; Connor Sanchez, synthesizer/vocals; and Kalebh Ryals, guitar. Previously, the group issued an EP back in 2016.Their upcoming full-length, Funny Dreams, evokes This Heat, and the Dismemberment Plan, melded with the poetic vulnerability of Jeff Buckley. The 10-song collection is an album-oriented experience, brimming with chiming alt-rock ballads, dense sound collage pieces, ambitiously immersive arrangements, and heart-pumping loud/soft dynamics.

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