It Cometh "God Hotel" EP Release Show -Review

It Cometh is a band that combines elements of punk, rock and progressive metal that formed back in 2017. Steadily rising in the Ontario metal community, It Cometh has been gaining respect and fans in different area codes. Now with the recent release of their new EP "God Hotel," the band only hopes to continue growing. "Our major goal as a band to spread the good word of Balsamus to the masses, so that she may one day gain power and rise again. Also a full length album would be pretty okay." Stated the band. On April 27th 2019, It Cometh had their EP release show at The Grey Goat Pub & Grill in Newmarket Ontario and the local community came out to show their support. Having seen this band before, and seeing the rest of the lineup listing Depleted Uranium, Dead Beyond Fear and Razorbath, I had high expectations that were definitely met by the end of the evening. Truthfully the only thing that confused me was the fact that It Cometh chose to play second last and allow Razorbath to headline. Although Razorbath killed their time, It Cometh could have easily ended the night with the banger of the set they put on! Truthfully, the members of It Cometh are too humble and kind for their own good.

"There are many ways one can measure accomplishment. Materially yes, the EP is a monumental milestone in the road we have embarked on. However, like all great journeys, the real value lies not in the destination but the journey itself. We feel that along the way we have grown not only as musicians, but as people. We’ve learned many valuable lessons about hard work, showmanship, and the power of friendship." The band stated.

Their hard work has certainly paid off. Pulling in a great audience that heated the venue so much everyone forget about the chilly weather outside, It Cometh took to their places. Their stage set up had changed drastically since the last time I had seen them. Not only did they have a great light display, but I continue to be blown away by how their stage presence improves each time I see them perform. From killer solos, dominate stage energy to incredible control between harsh and clean vocals, It Cometh puts on a hell of a set. When asked what their funniest show story was for laughs, the band replied: "When we first set out to up our stage presence, we misguidedly thought that the way to go was an industrial fog machine. The thing was designed to fill large theatres. First we let it loose on our practice space, flooded the entire building with an impenetrable haze, and set off the fire alarm. Still, our hubris made us believe we could do it. Alas, we flew too close to the sun and smoked out an entire venue during our set." Thankfully there was no cause for eviction this show, it was all great lighting and no fog!

Playing a mix of songs from their previous set list including a cover of Chop Suey by System Of A Down, and their newer content from the "God Hotel" EP, It Cometh delivered a set worthy of the headbanging, dancing and audience gang vocals. If you haven't had the chance to see It Cometh live, keep an eye on their Social Media pages below for future updates! For now, they're actually on the hunt for a second guitarist. So, if you like corpse paint, metal and heavy hitting songs, you belong in this modern Addams Family band. They bite, but only with love.

Check out raw set footage below. All photos of the It Cometh set can be found here.

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Content by: Kara Bradimore

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