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Content credit: Kara Bradimore

On Saturday November 3rd, 2018 SCREAMS MEDIA had the privilege of shooting IT COMETH at The Atria in Oshawa. Who cometh? IT COMETH, and they slayed.

IT COMETH is a melodic metal band from Newmarket, Ontario and is made up of Charlie Sackett - vocals, Klaus Tubanos - guitar, Martin Dorgan - bass, and Warren Khan - drums.

I had seen IT COMETH earlier in the summer and was excited to be invited to shoot this fantastic emerging band again. They have a lot going on and have been working hard in the studio recording their EP coming out early 2019.

There were a few other bands playing that night, with IT COMETH being second in the lineup. Their set time was 9:30pm, but the first band didn't go on until close to an hour later which pushed them way back. The sound tech was running behind and once the person arrived, the poor guy was like a chicken with its head cut off the way he scrambled to set stuff up.

Bringing the corpse paint and insane skills, IT COMETH delivers a mix of happy-fun time and year-round Halloween horror time in their set. Although the sound wasn't quite right due to feedback and mics cutting in and out, IT COMETH ignored any issues and handled everything like absolute professionals. Don't let the corpse paint intimidate you, they're some Fandom nerds at heart and even have a song based around Lord Of The Rings.

The members of IT COMETH rocked across the platform and came down to interact with people. Truthfully too, their confidence on stage had improved so much since I had last seen them. They put on a solid performance despite the setbacks and technical issues and definitely left me impressed. If you have a chance to check out IT COMETH, try to get out to their gig! They have one coming up in their hometown of Newmarket, Ontario on 11/24/2018.

View a mini shareable album of this set HERE and view all the images HERE. Keep up-to-date with all things IT COMETH by checking out their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Soundcloud.

Remember to always support your local music scene! Venues are closing faster than bands can play shows and your presence matters! #SUPPORTLOCAL


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