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Interview With Throne To The Wolves

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Photo Credit: The Trenches Media Inc. -- From left to right - Cody, Rob, Billy, Jay and James

Throne To The Wolves is a Metalcore band based in Toronto, Canada who have been hustling since forming back in 2016. Although they are an independent band, they have participated in their share of North American Tours and shared the stage with some big names including All that Remains, Norma Jean, Upon A Burning Body, I See Stars and MORE!

"It's hard to imagine that Throne To The Wolves is an independent and self-released band when you see them for the first time, because they perform like they've been booking large tours for years. They have the sound, the attitude and the skill that speaks for itself, plus their range of merch is something to gush over; they're just all about the hustle." (Previous coverage)

Gaining a solid fan base and media love over the last couple of years, Throne To The Wolves hopes to continue growing, sign with a label and work their way up to worldwide tours in the future. 2019 will be a promising year for the band full of studio time, new releases and travel, so I was happy to snag a little interview with these guys which you can read below.

SCREAMS MEDIA: Tell us a bit about Throne To The Wolves; How did you guys start out and where did the name come from?

What started as a two piece side project between current member Cody and a former member, evolved into a full 5 piece ensemble with the addition of Billy, James, Rob and now currently Jay. The name came from the animal kingdom…. And chairs (large important ones).
For real though, we were shooting a bunch of different ideas back and forth. We wanted something that was easy to remember and easy to say. We liked the meaning of being thrown to the wolves, like a sink or swim kind of scenario. We decided that the play on words was something that would be memorable.

SCREAMS MEDIA: You guys are all about the hustle, but being an independent band, what excites you and discourages you the most about creating music?

The most excitement we get from making music is the reception of our fans, and to truly see how someone can enjoy something that we create so much. With that goes the fear of not being received well, like many bands who change their sound. We strive to stay consistent yet evolving and adapting our sound with every new song we write.

SCREAMS MEDIA: You label yourselves as Metalcore; What do you feel makes your music stand out in a quickly changing and growing industry?

We’ve been labelled classic metal core with a hard-core twist, it seems people still hold the nostalgia of the pre-decade metalcore genre close to them while embracing the hardcore genre as well.

SCREAMS MEDIA: Tell us a bit about your process - do lyrics come first or does the sound kick things off? How does a song go from your heads to the stage?

Generally we start with “chunks” of guitar parts which we piece together with a basic drum structure then add all the appropriate fills, transitions and lyrics over it.

SCREAMS MEDIA: Can we briefly talk about a fan, mentor, friend or family who has really inspired the band in the past to continue creating? What did this person do or say that had such an impact?

We each have our own inspirations that keeps us inspired and keeps us on that grind. Honourable mention is Rob’s wife and son. He owes everything to them. We asked rob to join the band full time right before we were heading out on tour; but to do that he would have to miss his kids birthday. She told him to follow his dream and do what it takes. She didn't want him to pass on the opportunity and regret it in the future. Plus the kid was only one at the time and wouldn’t remember anyways.

SCREAMS MEDIA: What has been the greatest show you’ve played so far and why was it the greatest? Alternatively, what was the messiest show you’ve played so far and why was it so cringeworthy?

Every member may have a different answer, but one that sticks out in our head for our drummer is a brutal show we played in Ottawa where his bass pedal basically disintegrated on stage, then when replaced with another drummers pedal, the beaters were not tightened properly. His favourite, believe it or not was playing the 4 piece edition of Throne to the Wolves at the London music hall with I See Stars.
Another great show was when we had the opportunity to play with All That Remains at the Opera House last December. Most of us had grown up going to see our favourite bands at that venue and it was surreal to be able to be on that other side of the stage and play for a packed floor. Something I don’t think any of us will ever forget.

SCREAMS MEDIA - QUICK FIRE ROUND: Answer in as few words as possible.

Our dream collaboration is with "Shania Twain." Our inspiration comes from "Diet Hardcore." We hope Fans “Salsa Dance.” when listening to our music. When it comes to Live performances VS recording time we prefer "The creativity of recording but the high energy shows." Our 2019 goal is to "Release a new album and tour a bit further out of our current bounds."

SCREAMS MEDIA: What is something that we can look forward to seeing from TTTW next? Any little Teasers?

Rob’s new hair colour, James’ pulls off a powerslide on stage (and his old man bones turn to dust). We have all kinds of stuff planned for 2019, you can 100% expect new music, new videos, new tours, and a couple surprises we will be keeping to ourselves for now.

SCREAMS MEDIA: Anything else, or anyone else you would like to mention before we wrap up? Thank you so much for your time!

One of our favourite “Tour Stories”.
We were driving through New Brunswick last March when we heard something off with the tire. Pulled over and found that almost all of the wheel bolts had been sheared off. We were probably a couple kilometers away from completely losing the tire on the highway.Turns out we were about an hour away from the closest shop; so we had to bite the bullet and call for a tow.
We were sitting in the lobby when we noticed one of the younger mechanics do a double take while walking by. He came back a couple minutes later and was like “uh are you guys Throne to the Wolves who put out Unholiest of Kings back in 2016?” He then looked at Rob and was like yeah you used to have the red mohawk in the music videos. Turns out we came up on his “recommended artists” on Spotify and he was a big fan. He then gave us a scrap piece of paper and asked for our autographs. Billy told him to get that outta here and went to grab him a couple records that we all signed for him. We totally thought he was messing with us… what are the chances we break down in the middle of a tiny town (that we weren’t even playing on the tour) and probably the only person that listens to that type of music in the whole town knows us and is working at the shop we get towed to? Insane.
They ended up cutting us a wicked deal to get us back on the road. Huge shout out to Ryan and all the staff at Ralph’s Auto Repair Ltd.

Follow Throne To The Wolves @ website, facebook, instagram, twitter and spotify. Interview by: Kara Bradimore

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