Interview With Minor Moon

Minor Moon is an emerging Folk-Rock band from Chicago, IL who released a new single called "Hold Me Up (Liar), earlier this November.

Screams Media was offered the chance to set up a small exclusive interview with lead vocalist Sam Cantor, and were given a special look into what inspires, drives and motivates Minor Moon.

SCREAMS MEDIA: You guys have such a chill and laid back sound. With all the noise and drama in the world, you still manage to find such a calming sound. Where do you find your inspiration?

MINOR MOON: I have always had a tendency towards softer and slower sounds. I like music that is immersive and enveloping, and oftentimes that’s something with a slower tempo. I think that’s why, as the rising and constant garbage fire of daily news keeps coming my tendency is to slow things down and create something that, at least on some level, feels soothing and a world apart from the pace and feel of the news. That being said, I do have a strong political orientation that, for me, is right there in the songs, but I try to talk about those things in a different way than I normally do in daily life.

SCREAMS MEDIA: It’s been mentioned in previous press that the theme surrounding Hold Me Up (Liar) is about the death and rebirth of ourselves continuously throughout our lives; are there other deep themes you like to explore in your lyrical content?

MINOR MOON: Other big themes that are present on An Opening, the album of which Hold Me Up is a part, are the relationship and tension between love, authenticity and freedom; media ubiquity; the rise of right-wing political power; the nature of creativity; spiritual alienation; the debt crisis; the end of capitalism, and more! But, for the most part, these themes are informing the lyrics without directly becoming the subject…that’s the goal at least. I do try to leave things open for people to make meaning for themselves.

SCREAMS MEDIA: Can we briefly talk about a fan, mentor, friend or family who has really inspired you guys in the past? What did this person do or say that had such an impact?

MINOR MOON: One of my best friends and music comrades from growing up, Dan Knishkowy (who has a wonderful songwriting project called Adeline Hotel and plays in a bunch of great bands in Brooklyn), has periodically helped me to remember that my relationship with making music something that I get to define on my own terms. There are a lot of expectations that people learn and internalize – for musicians around making music, these can come from decades of music industry PR or from the general culture or from our families and friends or whatever. But in the end, if you are going to make something that feels right and does what you want it to do, you have to have an honest relationship with your process and with your sense of yourself as someone who care deeply about music in a complex world.

SCREAMS MEDIA: Which do you prefer? Live performances or recording in the studio and why?

MINOR MOON: I love them both for very different reasons and I wouldn’t want to ever have to give one of them up. Recording is like making a painting or sculpture. Performing is more like playing a sport. I couldn’t pick one over the other. I’ll tell what I could live without, though: watching a recording of a live performance.

SCREAMS MEDIA: Favourite song to play live?

MINOR MOON: This changes all the time. I think right now it’s probably Hold Me Up, though. It’s a very dynamic song with lots of textures and big changes and it’s fun to sing.

SCREAMS MEDIA: Moving forward, let’s say Minor Moon just explodes overnight and has the chance to collaborate with any other solo artist or band; who do you guys choose?

MINOR MOON: Oh boy. Probably Jeff Tweedy. He lives down the street. If he ever wanted us to record in the Wilco loft and coproduce a Minor Moon record with me I would be A-OK with that.

SCREAMS MEDIA:What has been the biggest accomplishment of your careers up to this point?

MINOR MOON: I think Minor Moon’s biggest accomplishment so far is making this record we’re about to put out in February. It’s a big step forward for us and I am excited to see what 2019 will bring.

SCREAMS MEDIA: What has been the biggest challenge of your careers up to this point and how did you overcome it?

MINOR MOON: Our biggest challenge is getting our name out in the world while also staying focused on the good stuff (i.e. the creative work). We work to promote ourselves one show / release / interview / review / social media post at a time. It’s a steady march. Meanwhile, the more fun and life-affirming part is the creative and collaborative music part. For me as the band’s booking person and manager, as well as the songwriter, it can be a big challenge to remain consistently focused on the music – which is the reason we do this! - while all of the other stuff going on can seem more pressing at any given moment.

SCREAMS MEDIA: What is something that we can look forward to seeing from you next? Any little teasers on upcoming projects?

MINOR MOON: We’re putting out our second record, An Opening, on February 8th.

SCREAMS MEDIA: Any last thoughts or things you would like to say to fans reading before we finish?

MINOR MOON: Thanks for sharing your valuable time to read this. Be kind!

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