The last Friday of 2018 was well spent at Sneaky Dee's in downtown Toronto for Homesick Presents: Casius' Birthday show. Not only was the lineup impressive, promising for a great night, but the turnout was impressive as well. A lot of people came to show support for these great bands and celebrate the night with Casius, the bassist and unclean vocalist of The Ocean Cure.

I quickly made my way to the front of the venue as the first band, Words Like Wildfire started their set. Having seen this band more than once, the first time being at Toronto Warped Tour 2018, I expected a lot of energy from them. I definitely wasn't left disappointed.

Words Like Wildfire put on a great show every time I see them, it doesn't matter how big the stage is, they cover it all. They had people singing out their lyrics with them and contributed to a couple of great throwdown moments in the pit. Energetic, personable and talented, these guys were a great way to start out the night out!

More images here & Video clip at the end of this article.

Between were other bands, unfortunately I never had a chance to talk to any of the members so without permissions, I will not post them here. If you are reading this and from Lungless or Weigh The Anchor, please contact for images.

Headlining the night, and with good reason considering the night was put on for the bassist and unclean vocalist of this band, was The Ocean Cure. I had also seen this band a few times before, the first time being when they shared the stage with I Set My Friends On Fire. I was absolutely planning on putting all the focus on Casius for this set as a birthday gift (hey, pal), but when all the members are so photogenic and energetic, they're hard to ignore!

Throughout the entire set, The Ocean Cure joked around with the audience, had the drummer from Words Like Wildfire join them for guest vocals, and even played a special "last-time-ever" pop-punk version of 'Under The Sea' which killed me. There was so much love, that by the end of their set, nobody wanted it to end and called out for and encore. Of course, The Ocean Cure deceived what the people wanted. Playing their fan favourite "Waiting For You", they invited a few people on stage to sing and things quickly got crazy from there! It was honestly the funniest, most intense encore I've seen. More images here & Video clips at the end of this article.

Turning up the good for 2019 and turning down the suck from 2018, this Birthday show was a fantastic night and a great way to spend the last Friday of the previous year.

Written and content by: Kara Bradimore

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