Hajk Release New Single & New Album Due Out 02.15.2019

Today, Hajk have shared a brand new single entitled 'Keep Telling Myself' which has been described by DIY as "shimmering, woozy pop goodness".

The band's Preben Sælid Andersen has said that 'Keep Telling Myself' is, "actually a pretty dark song about trying to convince yourself that love still exists – not just between two people, but in general. This is also a sonic leap for us, containing a variety of sounds that we really enjoyed exploring."

'Keep Telling Myself' is the latest single to be released from newly announced album 'Drama', the first track 'Dancing Like This' can be heard below: 'Drama' – of the interpersonal kind – that’s what Hajk have turned their focus to. The band burst onto the scene with their self-titled debut album last year, garnering support around the world as well as making a name for themselves in their home country of Norway. Now, the highly anticipated follow-up 'Drama' has been announced for February 2019 – a record that both pulls at the heartstrings and urges you to dance away your sorrows. Lead single and first taste of what is to come arrives in the form of the bubblegum-flavoured new cut, 'Dancing Like This'. It's a lyrically melancholy and wide-eyed love song, with an addictive melody that looks to sugarcoat your tears.

Hajk’s 2017 debut received praise from the likes of Astrid S, Sigrid and Kimbra, as well as actress and model, Chloë Grace Moretz. International acclaim came in waves from Noisey, Stereogum, The Line of Best Fit, Drowned In Sound, V Magazine, The Independent, Indie Shuffle, and more, noting their idiosyncratic, yet supremely catchy pop tunes, while likening them to everything from Fleetwood Mac and Aztec Camera to Dirty Projectors and Little Dragon.

With their second album, 'Drama', a more self-assured band reveals themselves. Sharpened by more studio experience, they have once again produced the record themselves, taking extreme care over every second and minute detail of their work. Blending analogue and digital sounds, switching between programmed arrangements and live takes from the studio, drawing on three lead vocalists and an assortment of guest musicians, Hajk conjured up whatever was necessary to fulfill their creative vision.

The title 'Drama' relates to the drama of humanity and a somewhat naïve yearning for love in a world in which love can sometimes seem in scarce supply.

'Drama' is due for release on February 15th via Jansen Records. 

Listen to 'Dancing Like This' Listen to debut single 'Magazine' Pre-order album 'Drama'

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