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Fx May Vary Tear Up The Stage At Beer Bash #5

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Saturday, April 16th 2022 held host to the 5th annual Beer Bash at CineCycle in the heart of Toronto. It was a wild night of excellent performances, energetic crowds and of course, unlimited beer.

This was my first Beer Bash and first time at the venue CineCycle and I will most definitely be returning to both.

Beer Bash featured a variety of acts from Punk Rock to Metalcore, and with unlimited beer and a packed house, how could you go wrong?

The night featured performances by:


Dawn Vally

Death Perception


On Deaf Ears

Angry Spells

Fx May Vary




The crowd was phenomenal and all the bands who played were fantastic, however I'd like to focus on the Hard Rock band Fx May Vary.

The band has a very unique sound which has come to grow them a decent following throughout the Covid pandemic. The band blends elements of Rock, Punk and Metalcore thats both melodic and uplifting, while also aggressive and heavy at times.

I had yet to see this band live and with it only being their 7th performance, I was fairly impressed at the level they performed. From lead vocalist Charlotte wearing a lab coat, to handing out much needed air freshners and pill bottles full of skittles to the crowd, it was just an all round good time.

Despite being one of the more tame bands on the bill, they still managed to perform the heaviest breakdown of the night, which just happened to be at the end of a song about spaghetti.

Be sure to catch one of their upcoming shows and keep up with the band through their socials:

Facebook -

Youtube -

Spotify -

The band also released a new single that night titled Supernova that you can view below:

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