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Flight 97 CD Release Party - SET REVIEW

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Saturday, March 14th was sadly one of the last shows we will be seeing for quite some time, so it was best to make the last one count! What better way than with a packed house CD release party celebrating the new EP “Calling in the Cavalry" by Flight 97? The pandemic led to pandemonium with high energy tunes and good vibes all around at The Foxx Rock Bar & Hotdoggery.

The night began with an incredibly solid, first performance by the newest installment to the punk scene Fox Run. These guys put on a great show! Despite the fact that this was their debut show, they sounded like they had been doing it for years! Up next was the local legends in The Highdives. I had heard about these guys a lot prior to this show but had never actually gotten the chance to see them live. I was not disappointed. Fast, energetic, and upbeat; these guys put on a hell of a show.

Ultimately, the main reason we were there was for the boys in Flight 97. After hearing tons of great reviews about these guys, Screams Media was very excited to be asked to come cover their CD release show!

Flight 97 is an alternative/punk band from Barrie, Ontario. Stemming inspiration from bands like Rise against, Limp Bizkit, and Guns and Roses, Flight 97 put on one powerhouse of a performance. They clearly had a supportive crowd of engaging fans, gauging massive energy the second that they hit the stage.

Spontaneous and energetic guitar riffs created a wall of sound, while the upbeat vocals and strong stage presence kept the audience engaged. Their set was strong from beginning to end, receiving an encore chant, to which they treated the audience with not one, but two more songs. Not to mention, they played probably the best cover of Give it all by Rise Against that I’ve ever heard. The band was very entertaining to watch, sometimes doubling up vocals on one microphone (which is extra punk). For this show being my first time hearing their music or seeing them live, I was very impressed and Screams Media will definitely be keeping up with their future success.

Aside from being excellent musicians, these guys are also super friendly dudes! After the show we sat down with them and asked them a few questions about the band, their history and what to expect in the new year.

Screams media: So where did the name come from? What’s some general history of the band?

Flight 97: (Adam) Flight 97 was originally an acoustic project I did for 4 years before I found all these guys and then things just kind of kicked off this last year. It originally stems from a band I was in called First class plane crash that kind of ended abruptly. I wanted to keep the same name in a way, and the number 97 is sort symbolizes 100. Like, you're not fully there yet, but like, the plane keeps taking off. I did a tour out west by myself trying to find members and went through probably like 15 to 20 different member until I met Brennon (Drums). Together we went through around 7-8 members until we found Eric(Guitar). He stayed and things got better and then we went through another like, 4 members until we found Deco (Bass). Overall Flight 97 has had like, 25 or so members. Funny thing is, Matt from The Highdives actually played bass on the first EP. In the end, I don’t really think its a matter of “working towards it” so much as just being where we are.

Screams media: With this being your CD release show, is there any particular song you hope the fans connect with?

FLIGHT 97: (Adam) I know when I first started my favourite was “Cliff Diving" but everyone's opinions kind of shift. Lately, the people we've been talking to really seem to love “Revenant", which is mind blowing to me cause that’s usually the one to put aside. (Jeremy) Revenant is my favourite (Adam) But they're all kind of our babies you know? They all mean something to us in a different way. (Eric) I Started writing “Revenant” when I was about 15, and I’m almost 30 now. (Adam) He brought it in and its changed a lot. You know, with me going from guitar to just vocals with the addition of Jeremy on guitar, everything is always changing.

SCREAMS MEDIA: Is there anything fans can be on the lookout for? Any shows? Tours? Secrets maybe?

FLIGHT 97: We've got 3 shows coming up but I think we're going to be taking a step back with everything that’s happening in the world out there. Use this time as an opportunity to write some new material for an EP, or LP maybe. Definitely some stuff to look forward too.

This is definitely band I would recommend everyone go see. From high energy riffs to upbeat vocal melodies, these guys have it all.Check out the music video for their track “Cliff Diving" below!

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Written by: Kurtis Photos & video by: Kara

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