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Dust Bolt Release Video + New Album Due Out 01.18.2019

Photo Credit: Niklas Niessner

The start of 2019 slams: On January 18th DUST BOLT fire a real thrash-bomb with their fourth long playerTrapped In Chaos. Now the raging quartet releases their second video off the upcoming record!

Lenny states:

" 'Bloody Rain' is a really special and outstanding song on the new album and in the history of Dust Bolt. It is by far the most melodic song vocalwise, though it´s also a really dark and heavy banger - especially towards the ending. The song was written by our guitarist. I remember him calling me multiple times as he had this song he needed to show me immediately on a rainy and pale day. Mentally it was a dark and uncertain time for both of us, which probably made the song, what is is now. Uncomprehendingly, in some ways "grungy", heavy and as nihilistic as it can get."

DUST BOLT emerged in 2006 to encrust Germany and the rest of the world in hefty, Bay Area-influenced thrash metal featuring crossover influences and killer melodies. The four piece elevates it's trademark sound to perfection on fourth album Trapped in Chaos: profound lyrics, dark melodies and pure hostility are the ultimate recipe for a thrashfest between retro and modern.

Tracklist: 01. The Fourth Strike 02. Dead Inside 03. The Bad Ad 04. Bloody Rain 05. Rhythm To My Madness 06. Shed My Skin 07. Killing Time 08. Trapped In Chaos 09. Another Day In Hell

Trapped In Chaos can be pre-ordered HERE.

Watch "Bloody Rain" right now right HERE!

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