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Dragoncorpse Release Deathcore/Power Metal Fusion Single "From The Sky" - Watch & Listen

Dragoncorpse is the newest addition to the realm of extreme music. Featuring members from multiple acts like Beyond Deviation, Throne Of Exile, Mortem Obscuram, Russian Novel, and Planetkiller, this new project does not hold back on its ferocity. Dragoncorpse combines the raw, aggressive aspects of deathcore with the melodic, powerful vibes of old school Power Metal to create a unique, one of a kind sound that is unrivaled in the modern scene.

In a market full of over saturation, it's always refreshing to see something so new, so different, that it leaves you speechless.

I honestly wish I had a camera recording me the first time I heard this track because let me tell you, my face would have said it all.

The track begins with a heavy orchestral piece that transitions into an upbeat rhythm section. The constant contrast between the Deathcore and Power Metal throughout the song create this completely unique style that seems like it shouldn't work, but somehow does so seamlessly.

The various orchestral parts and synths, the absolutely crushing breakdowns, the angelic cleans that make you want to kick a door of its hinges, everything about this song is just fantastic.


Dragoncorpse is:


You can keep up to date with the band through their various social media listed below. Also be sure to check out the AMV for From The Sky, courtesy of The Circle Pit






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