Diabol Boruta New Album Due Out 01.25.2019

New album coming out early 2019 from Diaboł Boruta, a Polish folk-metal band from Rzeszów cannot be directly compared to any other folk-metal band. The songs are fast, but with many breaks and accents adding some atmosphere to heavy thrash or even black metal riffs. Flute, melodica and synthesizer parts combine folk melodies with Dimmu Borgir-like choirs and orchestra. Fast non-ballad guitars, original vocals, poetic lyrics (2 songs in English versions) and the heaviness in the sound are the main characteristics of the album. The music is not Korpiklaani, Eluveitie, In Flames nor Iron Maiden, however, some elements of these bands’ music can be found in the "Czary” album. All that mixed with fast percussion and eastern music references is simply Borut-metal, and that’s not some sweet candy. You can find the tracklist along with the official title video from the album below.

TRACKLIST: 1. Czary Intro 2. Czary 3. Zaklęcie 4. Studnia 5. Golem 6. Królestwo nie niebieskie 7. Znajdź mnie wśród gwiazd 8. Niewolnik 9. Duch Wiatru 10. Lipka 11. Slave 12. Kingdom Of No Heaven Total Playing Time: 55:08 min

www.diabolboruta.pl www.facebook.com/diabolboruta www.lastfm.de/music/Diabo%C5%82+Boruta

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