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DEWR Release New Music Video

Label: self-released

Genre: folk pop

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Influences: The National, The Shins, Radiohead

Sounds like: Mason Jennings, Albert Hammond Jr., Ryan Adams

“Dream Pop is Over.” The title of the daring new EP from up and coming San Francisco-based solo artist DEWRAKA Brian Dewar – says a lot about his progression as an artist. Unlike his previous work, which was often rife with digitally ambient layers and coats of sheers noise, Dream Pop is uncluttered. Uncomplicated. Unencumbered. It’s borne along by its own sense of urgency that psychoanalyzes its own disenchantment.

New single Front Line is a song about going through the motions and a prime example of the pendulum swinging in favour of the imperfectly perfect. Dewar, who always did well in school growing up, began to notice patterns wherein he felt compelled by people and other unseen forces in his life to be pushed in certain directions – toward academia, for example. Front Line is Dewar’s way of quietly piping up as he trudges through the motions to simply say “this isn’t working for me anymore."

Raucous and rhythmic, “Front Line” is a work of art in terms of tone and atmosphere, combining lightly-distorted guitars and precise drumming with a distinctly analog sensibility, carried through it all by Dewar’s playful embitterment.



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