Dark Essence Records have set the  15th March 2019 as the release date for "New Moon", the upcoming full-length album from SUPERLYNX.  But fans of the Norwegian doom/psycho trio will not have to wait that long to hear something new from the band, because today the label has released a single for the opening track from the album. 

The single, "Hex" can be streamed and downloaded from

Commenting on "Hex", SUPERLYNX also give fans an insight into the ethos behind  "New Moon" as a whole:

Like most of the new album, HEX was written in challenging times, with feelings of hopelessness caused by both personal and external circumstances. The song was given a ritualistic expression, representing a deep, primal feeling and a need to alter the dark reality. Through creative force, love and a wish for better times, this feeling is transformed into music and given a positive outlet. In this way, HEX represents the essence of the album. We have all been through dark times and have dealt with a lot of it through music. You can say that making the album has been a sort of alchemical process. The focus has been on getting through the dark and holding on to what is good in this world. And one of the best things is that music has come out of it.

Additionally, The Obelisk is premiering a music video for "Hex" which can be seen at the end of this article.

"New Moon" will be the second full-length album from SUPERLYNX, which was formed in 2013 by drummer Ole Teigen and bassist/vocalist Pia Isaksen.  A subsequent meeting with guitarist Daniel Bakken, coupled with his performance during rehearsals, changed the duo's mind about remaining a two-piece  and SUPERLYNX became the trio it is today.

With cover art by Pia Isaksen, "New Moon" was recorded by the band themselves, with a little help from Ole Jørgen Moe, who recorded their debut album.  Mixed  by the band’s long-time sound engineer Amund Tømmerbakke, and mastered by Fridtjof Lindeman at Strype Audio, tracklisting for "New Moon" is as follows:

01.   Hex 02.   Breath 03.   Becoming the Sea 04.   New Moon 05.   Indian Summer 06.   These Children that come at us with Knives 07.   Scarecrow 08.   Cold Black Sea 09.   The Groove 10.   The Thickest Night

New moon will be available in CD, Digital, and Limited Edition moon-coloured vinyl formats, and is now available to pre-order from the following:

To celebrate the release of the new single, SUPERLYNX will be appearing at Revolver, in Oslo, Norway, on the 6th December.  Full details of the event  can be found at

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