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Circuitry Gear Up For Release of Sophomore Album "Untouched By Human Hands" November 16th

Circuitry surges signature electricity into modern heavy music. Years of experimentation in multiple genres have resulted in a potent, debilitating groove to which there is no known antidote. The trio, consisting of vocalist, Joel Monet, guitarist and background vocalist, Christian Colabelli, and drummer, Matt Guglielmo, fuses elements of modern progressive metal with classic metalcore, death, and catchy hooks, into an unmistakable signature sound. This is immediately apparent on the band's sophomore effort, "Untouched by Human Hands," set to be released November 16, 2018.  Pre-orders are available now at

"We matured significantly as a band since our debut release, honed our sound and crafted a collection of songs that we are truly proud of. In the process, we stretched the limits of who we are as musicians. There were times where each of us considered walking away from the project. Had it not been for the overwhelming support and inspiration that we received from fans, both on the road and through social media, we're not sure this album would have come to fruition. This record is the result of three dudes putting everything we had into writing the best songs we were physically capable of at the time,"

"Untouched By Human Hands" Track Listing: 1. Snake 2. Waving A White Flag 3. The Merit Of An Argument 4. A N G E L 5. Writing History 6. Moment Of Clarity 7. Parasite 8. Synchronicity 9. Lady Parts Of Death 10. Prayers And Curses 11. Kept In A Shallow Grave

The eye-popping, colorful, instantly recognizable album artwork, courtesy of Steven McCorry reflects the sonic content contained within. Genre bending exploration, otherworldly harmony, polished songwriting, and controlled chaos abound on this 11 song maelstrom. The band upped the ante by recruiting Steve Seid of Graphic Nature Audio to mix the album. The depth and clarity of the record is immediately noticeable, with every subtle nuance shining through.

Although relatively young in their existence, Circuitry displays an uncanny musical maturity that will only ripen with age. Garnering comparisons to Periphery, Animals as Leaders, Protest the Hero, Chiodos, Fall of Troy, Killswitch Engage and Circa Survive, it's apparent that the band is in good company and spurns eclectic tastes. Brightness surely sits on the horizon for Circuitry.

Watch a lyric video for the first single released from the album "Waiving a White Flag" below!


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