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Check out "Trebell08" - A Metal Project Run By A 12 Year Old Guitar Prodigy From Toronto - LISTEN

Trebell08 is an independent metal outlet based out of Toronto, Ontario who’s technical fusion of various genres such as deathcore, progressive/melodic metal and groove metal have been turning eyes and banging heads nation wide. The group is the brainchild of a 12 year old guitar prodigy under the alias “TreBell" with the help of Kyle Clyma (Harmonic dissection) who acts as the feature vocalist on the project.

Since their formation in 2019, Trebell08 has been working hard, aggressively pumping out face melting singles. Since the release of their first single “Thief For Hire” they have seen a remarkable response from the metal community. Throughout 2019 they have gone on to release a follow up single “Sinister Thoughts", along with the anticipated release of their newest track/video “Kingdom Animalia" in 2020, which hit over 1000 streams in the first 24 hours. Since the release of “Kingdom Animalia” Trebell08 have been featured on radio shows such as “Vibe 105” as well as being offered to play festivals as far as Europe!

At first listen, you would assume your listening to a group of tenured, professional musicians. The reality, however, is everything is written by TreBell himself. The composition and intricate style they display is nothing short of amazing. Technical guitar sweeps, aggressive bone shattering breakdowns, funky grooves, it’s all there. If your looking for that little bit of inspiration to start your week, look no further!

Let’s start by taking a look at the newest single Kingdom Animalia:

The song focuses deeply on an ever growing epidemic facing our generation; the extinction of the honey bee. This global crisis is something that directly affects people of all ages around the world. The song focus's primarily on the possible consequences humans face in regards to the crisis in terms of famine, illness, shortage of food, etc. The song was produced by the talented Brian Gosling of the Metalcore outlet As The Structure Fails and the video was filmed by Avery Price at the Grand Gerrard in East York.

The video begins with a monologue detailing the ever growing threats humanity faces in regards to the honey bee shortage. Personally, I love when artists have explanations or discussion within the video. The reinforcement of the idea of the track being presented in the video always adds a deeper sense of meaning behind the track. As soon as the monologue concludes the opening guitar begins to pierce through.

The track begins with a obscure guitar lead before erupting into a progressive djenty groove. Members of Harmonic Dissection (Bassist Daryll Ollerhead and drummer Chris Hawco) are also featured in the video as acting musicians. The monochromatic feel and lack of colour presented throughout the video helps to reinforce the ideas presented in the track. That the world we know, and all the beauty before it would wither away to black and white without the bees. The energy and tenacity driven behind the instruments invokes a variety of emotions.

Everything from melancholy guitar leads to sporadic tempo changes and breakdowns, this song is a constant adventure. Midway through the track comes to an abrupt halt as an aggressive guitar sweep pierces through the instruments, ultimately leading to a crushing bridge in the track. The track ends with the lyrics “It’s a common mistake made as our planet

withers" accompanied by the opening guitar riff before concluding with a dynamic array of sweeps and chugs.

Let’s be real here, everyone’s first band or project rarely see's a great response. Sometimes years later, you'll look back and think “What was I thinking". So to see the very first pieces of music TreBell released to be such powerful and aggressive tracks, only leaves speculation into what masterpieces he'll go on to create in the future. To see someone at such a young age with such a strong understanding of complex rhythms, scales and time signatures is beyond impressive. Keep your eyes and ears open for TreBell08 when they're playing world tours and sold out shows within the next 3 years!

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