Charly Bliss New Album Due Out 5/10/2019 + New Music Video - WATCH & LISTEN

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NYC's Charly Bliss have shared a video for "Chatroom" the second single from their highly anticipated new album, Young Enough.

Of the song Hendricks says "I was sexually assaulted by someone I dated and I wrote 'Chatroom', and most of Young Enough, as a way of processing that experience and explaining it to myself. 'Chatroom' is a song about reaching ecstatic joy through consuming rage. Simply put, it's a colossal 'fuck you' and a celebration of reaching the point of a 'fuck you' that isn't diluted by self-blame or apologies.

I feel so lucky to have worked with Maegan Houang on this video. I felt an immediate sense of mutual trust, and she produced a treatment that directly addresses the themes of trauma, misogyny and mind control without resorting to a literal representation of the lyrics. It's tonally the darkest video we've ever made, and I think it anchors the intent of song which might otherwise be obscured by the fact that it's also our most direct foray into larger-than-life pop music."

Young Enough is available for pre-order now and due out May 10th via Lucky Number.



Additionally, Charly Bliss will play European tour dates in May, including a London show upgraded to The Garage due to demand, as well as a return to SXSW.

All dates below:

  • March 13 - Austin, SXSW - Stereogum Party - 4.30pm - Cheer Up Charlies

  • March 13 - Austin, SXSW - Laneway Party - 11pm - Lucille

  • March 14 - Austin, SXSW - FADER Fort - 3.45pm - 1501 E 7th St.

  • March 15 - Austin, SXSW - Rolling Stone Party - Native Hostel

  • March 16 - Austin, SXSW - Brooklyn Vegan / Brooklyn Bowl - Scoot Inn

  • May 3 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Cinetol

  • May 4 – Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklang

  • May 5 – Berlin, Germany – Cassiopeia

  • May 7 - Paris, France - La Boule Noire

  • May 9 – Manchester, UK – Night People

  • May 10 – Leeds, UK – Headrow House

  • May 11 - Brighton, UK - The Great Escape

  • May 13 – London, UK – The Garage (Upgraded)

Preorder the album here

1. Blown to Bits 2. Capacity 3. Under You 4. Camera 5. Fighting in the Dark 6. Young Enough 7. Bleach 8. Chatroom 9. Hurt Me 10. Hard to Believe 11. The Truth

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