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Carter Brown Memorial Show

Tuesday, June 28th held host to one of the most memorable nights Newmarket has seen in a long time. Nearly 100+ local musicians, fans and friends alike came together to pay tribute to one of the scenes own, Carter Brown.

Carter unfortunatley and unexpectedly passed away the week prior. With little to no preparation, local musician and Carters best friend Noah Laidlaw managed to set up a memorial show to honor the fallen brother in the scene.

Despite it being a Tuesday night and the show only being set up the night before, the turn out was incredible. The energy was so high amongst the crowd and each band had an amazing performance, despite it being 3 of the 6 bands first show ever.



The night began with a beautiful acoustic performance by the alt-rock band St.Yesterday. I was unfortunatley unable to capture any moments as my camera battery was charging at the time. However, the duo played an incredible set.


Alex De Geus

The night continued with a second acoustic tribute from Newmarket own Alex De Geus. I had never seen this artist perform before and I was very impressed at the emotion he emitted during his set.


The Paroxysm

Newmarket based band The Paroxysm brought the energy to an all time high, switching it up to a heavier sound. The band plays a combination of Death metal, Deathcore and Metalcore to create a unique sound, similar to heavier Lamb Of God.

Despite small technical difficulties and it being their first live performance, the band absolutely rocked the house, creating a precedent for the rest of the night.



Another brand new band to the scene, UNKLE SKURVEY had their first debut set and it was nothing short of incredible. Combining old school punk with a touch of new age, the band creates a unique, yet familiar sound thats both heavy and humorous at times. Once again, for it being their first live performance I was blown away at the level of skill and cohesiveness they played.



Combining Hard Rock and Punk with a splash of Grundge, Billious is an all round feel good experience. This was the third band to debut at the show. From happy songs about hating your job to one of the gnarliest Primus covers I've ever heard, the bands set was a wild ride.


Heat Seaters

Sometimes there's a set just so unexpected that you can't help but smile from ear to ear the entire time.

From the moment they started playing, the crowd was immediately engaged and ready to mosh.

Combining fast paced Rock and Blues with a hint of Punk, these rockers tore the roof off. Despite being older musicians, the energy that they preformed with rivaled if not topped the energy of some of the younger hard-core bands in the area. I would recommend anyone and everyone to check these guys out if you get the chance!


Possess The Asylum

Newmarket based Possess The Asylum has been a known name in the local scene for many years now.

Carter was one of the founding members and had been actively playing in the band and recording new music prior to his passing. This was their first show in over 2 years but that didn't stop them from completely shredding every song like they had played them yesterday.

This was a very special performance for the band, as they had not played a set without Carter before. To honor his legacy, the band played a few songs with each of their past vocalists.

The energy and emotion throughout their set was incredible and the band played an amazing set. Truly one for the books.


Overall, the night was a wild night full of good vibes, good people, and great music. It was incredible to see the music scene come together in such a short time on a weekday to honor Carter the best way they knew how. It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes an entire scene to help send them off.

Rest easy Carter, we love you and we hope we made you proud.


You can view video footage from the night, as well as purchase a memorial T-Shirt through the links below

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