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Canadian Thrashers TYMO Streaming New Album “The Art Of A Maniac”- LISTEN

Edmonton thrash attack TYMO will be unleashing their new album “The Art Of A Maniac” on February 5th for North America and Europe along with its Japanese release (with two special tracks) on February 16th via Spiritual Beast. But, before it officially drops, it can be heard in full HERE!

“The Art Of A Maniac” follows up 2017’s “Purge & Reset”, which had a more of a melodic thrash/heavy metal sound, whereas the new album is higher energy; the songs are faster, the riffs are heavier, and overall the music is much more technical. Very true to the thrash metal genre, excitedly, vocalist/guitarist Tim Tymo explains further:

“This record is a great representation of where we are at now! Playing live with other thrash bands such as Hazzerd and WMD have definitely influenced this record! It feels good to have finally written a full-on thrash album and it was good to take the extra time over the pandemic and make sure we were satisfied with everything! We pushed our speed and playing boundaries on this record, it’s really different from our last album. Any fans of thrash metal will definitely appreciate this record and we hope it’s added to their collection. It's definitely our most aggressive and most focused record yet!”

Throughout “The Art Of A Maniac”, listeners will find a common theme of destruction and chaos, lyrically and musically as the album moves through very fast riffs, shreddy solos and thick angry vocals. TYMO touches on subjects of mental illness, alien invasion, civil conflicts, social media, substance abuse and the comedy of Rick & Morty. They are recommended for fans of Lich King, Municipal Waste and Exodus.

“The Art Of A Maniac” was mixed and mastered by Graham Smith at Atreus XO Studios along with the amazing album artwork created by Andrei Bouzikov (Vektor, Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch, Toxic Holocaust).

Track Listing:​ 1. Tymonicide (2:55) 2. Sanity Clause (2:54) 3. Mars Attacks (3:44) 4. Estrogenocide (4:11) 5. Age Of Deception (2:42) 6. The Roy Parson Project (3:10) 7. War Beneath The Skull (4:12) 8. The Art Of A Maniac (3:41) 9. Alcoholocaust (4:32) Album Length: (32:01) ​Japanese Edition Only Tracks:​ 10. Killer Krom (Green Room Rehearsal 2021) 11. Mars Attacks (Green Room Rehearsal 2021)

Album pre-order - NA, EU, Rest of World: Here Japan Edition Pre-order Links:Here​ For more info: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify​ ​​ #canadian #canadianthrashers #metal #thrashmetal #tymo #theartofammaniac #2022music #2022album #2022newmusic #sonicperspectives #ashermedia #screamsmedia

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